Friday Night Rant: MMOs Threaten Single Player Gaming

A hot topic from Sony’s original Playstation 4 reveal conference was the nature of the new Capcom title tentatively called Deep Down.

What is it? Will it relate to Dragon’s Dogma? Is it exclusive? What’s that social stuff at the end of the demonstration about? I was just as interested as everyone else.

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Need4Game1663d ago

MMOs Do Not Threaten Single Player Gaming,
Its just many People don't want buy single player games.
Make single player games that people want to buy.

ThatKanadianKid1662d ago

I guess you speak for the gaming community in saying that "many" people don't want to buy single players games? Cause I sure know I do.

1662d ago
PockyKing1662d ago

Destiny and The Division are games that I don't really consider full MMO's, and I'm hoping Deep Down follows that same path. MMO's have never really been my thing. I feel like once you start playing you'll never quit and I'm the type of person that likes to play all different games.

Jyndal1662d ago

This article is idiocy in print.
I love MMO's, but the single player game will always be around.

andrewer1662d ago

MMO is cool but I'll always prefer SP.