EverQuest Next interview: no grinding, no leveling, and a maybe on Frogloks

PCG:Forget about smashing voxel castles for a second—that’s crazy, but EverQuest Next is also kicking down the pillars of its own D&D foundation. SOE is changing fantasy MMO tropes it helped define and which its fans are used to—we’re talking getting rid of traditional leveling and introducing a multiclassing system, as well as handling expansions with Rallying Calls, which are grand scale, multistage storylines that permanently change a server’s world. These aren’t totally new RPG ideas, but they sure are for EQ.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141843d ago

This is sounding more and more like a dream MMO.
It`s like EQ+Minecraft+GW+WoW+FFXI+DCUO

WeAreLegion1843d ago

Holy crap. That sounds incredible! This could be a game-changer.

CLOUD19831843d ago

I'm looking forward to try this it looks awesome from some trailers I have see I hope to get beta invitation ^__^

HexxedAvenger1843d ago

OMG! I want in! This game sounds amazing.

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