Infinity Ward teases Call of Duty: Ghosts "Squads" for Multiplayer

Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin just posted the first in-game footage of Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer. The video is brief, and only shows the game’s menu, but it does offer a peek at an unannounced feature called “Squads” in the upcoming shooter.

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math1664d ago

At this point I don't think people are expecting too much.

Chaotic_Lament1664d ago

Didn't World At War have a squad feature? I think it was just another name for a party, but they called it "squads".

Ripsta7th1664d ago

ImNOTvation is the word

JunioRS1011664d ago

wtf am i getting disagrees for? tough crowd

HammadTheBeast1664d ago

That was terrible lol. But have an agree.

1664d ago
DeadlyFire1664d ago

Squads? in 8 vs. 8 or 6v6? How is this useful. I am curious.

1663d ago
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ExCest1664d ago

Is this like a guild system? Because I can't see any other thing it could be. There's already a party system so they can't make that again.

Kryptix1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

The only cool thing I can see in this is if it's a game type where 2 groups (4 groups in a big team match) in 1 team work with different objectives where 1 squad can help the other once their objective is completed. When a squad member kills an enemy player or completes an objective, you also get points for that in the squad. But you know Treyarch and Infinity Ward rarely have many fun and unique ideas. Probably just another simple buddy system idea taken from Battlefield.

boldscot1664d ago

Lol a party within the party.

The_Sneauxman1664d ago

Yo dawg I heard you like to have a Party in your Party so we made you a Squad inside your Party's Party

HeavenlySnipes1664d ago

There is no need for squads unless they are upping the player count

DeadlyFire1664d ago

There is no need for squads in an arena styled game.

MidnytRain1663d ago

Yeah. Unless they're taking out instant, random respawns this isn't gonna work at all.

dcj05241664d ago

Call of duty always innovating. I can't think of any other First Person Shooter that has squads. Man, Dogs, Fish now this? Infinity ward, you've outdone your selves!


HammadTheBeast1664d ago

This should last us the next few CoD games.

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The story is too old to be commented.