Call of Duty as an ESport: Behind the Scenes on How it Works

6aming's Brewer England takes a look at the behind the scenes of Call of Duty as an ESport. Get an in-depth look at how competitive teams work fluently together.

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Khajiit861811d ago

I have not played black ops 2 multiplayer, but from the looks of it I have played it many times before.

elhebbo161811d ago

I hope DICE get's BF4 to become an esport game. that would be way more interesting to watch than "skilled" cod players run around a map.

CODallday1811d ago

Battlefield is boring to watch.

elhebbo161811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

not really, I enjoy watching commentators play BF3 in youtube. watching there reaction when a tank pulls over the corner is better than watching some dude get a killstreak.. *yawn* shit gets boring.

Bluepowerzz1811d ago

lol cod takes no skill bf3 doesnt take much skill either but its much more than cod inb4 haters heres a link to my account im a esport player have a 60 killstreak i know what im doing killzone 2 is the best esport game on consoles this gen. battlelog is down if you use battlelog search RedempTioN_xAiMz

caseh1811d ago

"Call of Duty as an ESport: Behind the Scenes on How it Works"

- Find room with one entrance
- hide in corner
- kill same person at least twice
- wait for them to alert their team mates to your lair
- rack up kills as they storm in like lemmings
- use kill streaks
- rinse and repeat

Did I miss anything?

NarooN1811d ago

LOL. So true.

CoD doesn't take any real skill at all. The only reason it's in eSports is because of the popularity of the game.

3-4-51811d ago

If they wanted it to be legit, there would be no killsteaks at all, and it would just be gun vs gun action.

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