Microsoft is looking for Xbox Community Managers

onPause writes:

Are you super duper stoked about the Xbox brand or maybe just gaming in general? Microsoft is hiring 2 positions for the Xbox Community team right now.

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Speed-Racer1692d ago


mcroddi1692d ago

Haha... I wonder how many applications they will get, I mean, DA GAMEZ RIGHT?!

Speed-Racer1692d ago

"I've worked at GameStop for 40 years and know everything about the gaming industry. I once saw someone mildly, remotely famous in the gaming world which makes me more that suitable for this prestigious position."

shivvy241692d ago

Greenpowers needs this position !

nix1692d ago

they should give it to PS fanboy. at least he won't take those in community for a dizzy rides with lies and what not... he'll just be straight forward on their faces and tell them that it shucks.

that's what xbox community needs right now... a person who doesn't lie anymore.

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mcroddi1692d ago

I have to say, even though one must be in Seattle, the job will be long hours but likely pretty cool regardless.

FrigidDARKNESS1692d ago

Maybr i should try for that position.

M-M1692d ago

I don't think Xbox fans would like that.

MRMagoo1231692d ago

I think you have to have some kind of knowledge of the industry so i wouldnt bother frigid.

Master-H1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Yes you would blend right in with your fantastic denying & spinning abilities lol Also greenpowerzzz, and Good Guy Jamal, but i don't think i see him here anymore , also that Electro-Flamingo dude or whatever the hell his name is lol and belking, can't forget belking

Dagobert1692d ago

Desired Skills:
-Bachelor’s Degree.

Wow seriously? Honestly I don't even think a GED should be required for a position like this.

pixelsword1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

That requirement is basically used to screen applicants in terms of vocabulary, dedication, professionalism, ability to learn and pick-up things in a long-term sense versus the fourteen-year-old who also applies and may succumb to trolling, giving attitude on the job, misspelling/misapplying words, slacking or falling behind if something new needs to be learned quickly that requires a steep learning curve and the like.

Not to say others can't have those positive traits, but that one requirement is often possessed by people who fall under the majority of those positive aspects than not, I would say.

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