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Happy Birthday to Ken Kutaragi; The History of PlayStation’s Father

Today, August 2nd, 2013, the man who started it all, Ken Kutaragi, turns 63. So the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan take a day to wish the man a Happy Birthday with a quick look at his history with Sony and how he brought about the PlayStation. - PSLS (Ken Kutaragi, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Sony)

doctorstrange  +   725d ago
Happy Birthday dad!
Foolsjoker  +   725d ago
Thanks for everything Ken!
shivvy24  +   725d ago
thanks for the best console of all time THE PS2 Ken !
AngelicIceDiamond  +   725d ago
Kens vision with the PS3 came to life. No matter how crazy people thought he was.
HammadTheBeast  +   725d ago

That article picture you put up will now officially haunt my nights..
OwenSFisher   725d ago | Spam
Relientk77  +   725d ago
Happy Birthday Ken, you are awesome a true visionary
mochachino  +   725d ago
Ken you f'd up PS3, way to hard/expensive/convoluted to develop for. But I thank you because Sony's arrogance is gone and their mentality is back to PS1 days. Hungry for gamers.

Your mistakes have led to what seems like a homerun with PS4 and I'm happy for that.
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Sevir  +   725d ago
BLAH!!! he's made sure the PS3 shine in the golden years of its lifecycle... The Uncharteds, GOWs, CODs, ACs New IPs like the Last of Us and Beyond and everything in between. its been an incredible 7 years for the PS3, even with the huge fumble out of the gate!

I'm Glad The PS3 is the way it is! And i'm more excited for How Mark Forged the future of the PS brand with the upcoming successor!
mochachino  +   724d ago
PS3 was too hard to develop for period. Which made it unnecessarily expensive to develop for, which let to inferior multiplats for the majority of the gen. It wasn't lazy devs, it was publishers not willing to spend more money to get the same results as 360 which is completely understandable.

PS4 came out a year later with worse looking games. It could have shined the entire gen had every game, multiplat and exclusive look superior to 360 if it was easier to develop for.

It didn't need cell, just a better CPU and GPU than 360, which it could have easily done given that it came out a year later. Sony waisted billions on developing Cell and now it's useless.

Kutaragi almost destroyed Playstation.

Amazing how quickly people forget and how ignorant the complete majority is.
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Sevir  +   724d ago
I'm not ignorant of the development hurdles, the PS3 was difficult to develop for, the fact is it's began to shine once the game development put there heads to the metal. The PS brand was not almost destroyed, it just went through it's fair share of issues. The games since 2007 - now proves it.

Sure ports suffered initially but everyone developing on any hardware had a rough time getting there heads around new hardware.

Denying that the PS3 hasn't had the most memorable gaming experiences after the year of discomfort with few games at launch, hefty price tag and development hurdles, but that changed after a year. So the crying about PS3's Year one like it was the end of the world is just being dramatic and completely uncalled for...

The brand wouldn't fail, Sony as a conglomerate had 13 billion in Savings to support any of their products and during the rough period of the PS3 the company was also taking a major hit on TBs Cameras and phones as well as bluesy players, but they survived... Almost failed is still just almost... The company stand well with a profit now and the gaming side has them very healthy after reclaim market share that was lost to MS and Nintendo because they launched expensive.

This is 2013... If you're still in 2007, then you're the only one focusing on the has been when everyone else has acknowledged the fumble but rolled with thew punches. Year after year since September 2007 the console has provided excemptional value to gamers and the experiences hasn't stopped since. So harp the 1 year of negatives... Versus the 6 years of positives...

Ken only cause a year of discomfort and cause the whole company to change the way of business... It's why we are where we are now. Get on with it.
TrendyGamers  +   725d ago
Happy Birthday!
thedon8982z  +   725d ago
Happy Birth Day...You have contributed soo much to my past time of enjoyment and I will be always Thank full!!
knifefight  +   725d ago
"In 2000, the PlayStation 2 launched and ultimately became the best selling console of all time."

^ Dat game library. So good.
DerekFlint007  +   725d ago
Many Happy returns Uncle Kenneth.
ftwrthtx  +   725d ago
Happy birthday Mr. PlayStation!
DragonKnight  +   725d ago
O-tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu Kutaragi-san.
Cryptcuzz  +   725d ago
Happy Birthday Krazy Ken!

Thank you so much for having the great vision to create Playstation for all to enjoy!

Greatness awaits with the PS4, but greatness started with you first.

Dammit N4G! Where is Mr. Kutaragi's Polygon Man cake!!!
Someone hurry up and whip one up!
NarooN  +   725d ago
Happy birthday you Krazy bastard! Truly one of the greatest visionaries in gaming's past, if it weren't for him, the PlayStation wouldn't have dominated like they did all those years. PS1 & PS2 totally shut out all of their competition. And jeez, I still get chills thinking about PS2's game library.

The man's a legend.
betan21  +   725d ago
Happy birth day o.0
Sevir  +   725d ago
Thank You Ken for sooo many great years of gaming! youmade the transition from Super Nintendo to 3d gaming soo amazing and easy that it was a no brainer to stick with the PS brand through even the worst... HAPPY 63rd birthday to a visionary of the Most powerful gaming brand in the world!

Now MARK, Shu Lets get the PS4 out the door shall we, announce that launch date so we can get the party ready! NEXT GENERATION!
sunnygrg  +   725d ago
Happy birthday, Beast.
gamertk421  +   725d ago
I hate this guy. He made me dislike Sony even more than I already did. Think of him to me like you Cernybots think of Mattrick.
nevin1  +   725d ago
PS4 will never surpass PS1/PS2 in sales or game quality.

Therefore Ken>>>>>>Mar k

And at this rate, the Vita will never beat PSP in sales or game quality.
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dcj0524  +   725d ago
Lol. Yeah! Judge a system that isn't even out yet and a system that is only 1and a half years old. Call me 10 years. Then we can talk about how well the VITA and PS4 did.
nix  +   725d ago
happy happy bday!
NobleRed  +   724d ago
PS3 is for consumers to think to themselves ‘I will work more hours to buy one’. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else.”

Love that quote.
italiangamer  +   724d ago
He's truly a Legend. Gaming today is what it is only thanks to him. Happy birthday.
tarbis  +   724d ago
Happy Birthday PS daddy. :D
boya3gob94  +   724d ago
Isnt that the d*ck who almost crashed sony with the horrible ps3 launch price? And people forgot that he is the one who told people to get two jobs to afford a ps3

Now dont get me wrong. The ps3 at the moment is nothing but amazing.

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