Review: Pikmin 3 (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "Despite the feeling that Nintendo missed the opportunity to create a fantastic two player story driven experience in Pikmin 3, there is nothing I could find in in the game that I did not thoroughly enjoy. After so many years in development, Pikmin 3 exhibits the hard work that Nintendo has put into the game. Pikmin 3 is full of surprises and everything from the Pikmin themselves to the frantic nature of the co-op multiplayer is just pure, unadulterated fun. Pikmin 3 is overall an outstanding game and players young and old will find themselves lost in a world of Pikmin for hours."

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TongkatAli1873d ago

I have to buy this game, but low on funds. October is the perfect time for me to get it.

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DialgaMarine1872d ago

Did a site called "Pure Nintendo" give a Nintendo exclusive a perfect score?.. Fascinating...