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Rock, Paper, Shotgun: "Yesterday, Sony Online Entertainment significantly altered my entire outlook on the next twelve months of gaming. When I sat down, along with a small gathering of journalists invited to see the reveal of Everquest Next, I wasn’t expecting to have my line of thinking about MMORPGs to fundamentally shift, but that’s precisely what happened. From being a game in a genre that I have only the occasional interest in, Next immediately became one of the most fascinating and exciting games on the horizon.

And that’s just the half of it."

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Jourdy2881876d ago

Interesting how the world's made of voxels- I guess "destructible terrain" really means just that.

1876d ago
PockyKing1876d ago

I hope they bring this to the PS4. I'm not a fan of MMO's but this could be something I get into.

HexxedAvenger1876d ago

I hope its
1: F2P
2: on PS3 and PS4
3: Multiplat with all the consoles it is on.

Xof1876d ago

These days, any game that tries to do a subsciption-only model doesn't stand much of a chance.

The future (or, rather, present) is F2P or F2P/subscription hybrids like WoW.

WeAreLegion1876d ago

F2P on PS4 and I will spend ACTUAL money on the expansions and upgrades. I've never done that for any MMO, but this just sounds too awesome!