Tales of Xillia - Two Heroes, Two Nations, One Destiny

Namco Bandai Games has released a new Tales of Xillia video as it closes in on its release in the west.

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Snookies121815d ago

Pretty awesome trailer. The wait for this game is starting to get painful. I know it'll be that way for GTA V as well when that starts closing in lol.

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xBigxBossx1815d ago

Just got into this series's. playing Tales of Grace F. Very impressed so far

Xof1815d ago

Oh, ho. Wow.

If Graces F impressed you, you're in for a real treat.

And you should seriously consider going back and playing some of the older games if you can, though I think Tales of the Abyss is the only older title that's easily playable these days.

Snookies121815d ago

What's "wow" for? Graces f was great. I've played the older Tales games as well... Though, I do agree that Abyss is the most accessible to go back to and play. If you haven't played the older ones yet.

VileAndVicious1815d ago

Ive had Graces f for a whille now....and I have to say, for some reason it REALLY reminds me of star ocean lol. Still a good game but I cant be the only one who thinks this can I? lol

Really looking forward to Xillia, tuesday cant come fast enough.

maximus19851815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

This game is holding me down until ff14 which in turn is gonna hold me down until gta 5 on September 17 :) damn you time!!

Xof1815d ago

One superior sequel that's -already- been announced for localization.

I mean, damn, NB, I'm so used to hating you and everything you do I just don't know how to react when you do nice things.