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Submitted by digim0 848d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One Vs PS4: Xbox Wins Eventually

Xbox One will win the console war because it's designed to be better tomorrow than it is today. (PS4, Xbox One)

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wishingW3L  +   848d ago | Well said
I don't think anybody's gonna read all that.... lol
lastofgen  +   848d ago
I'm reading it right now... The digital foundry benchmark test is an especially interesting section.

Honestly, if you're not interested, then why do you even bother commenting let alone clicking the link for this submission??
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HammadTheBeast  +   848d ago | Well said
Digital Foundry isn't the most credible of sources now that they've falsely had "inside sources" feed them info like PS4 having 4.5 gb of ram or 7 minutes recording.
dedicatedtogamers  +   848d ago | Well said
Digital Foundry's credibility is junk-bond status right now after all the jumped guns and falsified "insider sources" they've been dredging up lately, specifically Richard Leadbetter.

Here's a list of some DF articles since February.

- 4 Gig PS4 is more powerful than 8 Gig Xbox One
- "Magic holes" found in the Xbox One esRAM that gives the system a mysterious upclock.
- Only 4.5 Gigs of RAM alloted for gaming on PS4, later disproven.
- "Only seven mintues" of recording time for PS4, confirmed to be 15 minutes.
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pixelsword  +   848d ago | Funny
That's kind of a bad title because it puts in a person's mind that if it's going to be better tomorrow, then you shouldn't buy it today.
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badz149  +   848d ago | Well said
xbox wins? ok...let me see when was the last time it happened. oh yeah...they NEVER DID!
Freedomland  +   848d ago | Well said
Quote from the article:

"Microsoft's victory will unfold over time because of careful planning and willingness to look to the future".

Really, with the 180 fiasco on the policies.
I think Microsoft Task Force to control the damage, has been activated. Microsoft is good at spending $$$ when it comes to brain wash the consumers and loyal fanboys with different tactics, rumors and repeating the same information like a broken record in advertisements and different articles. This circus will be over in couple of months anyways.
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Kryptix  +   848d ago | Well said

Also once Gamescom comes in and the cloud doesn't equate to having "the equivalent of three Xbox Ones" according to Microsoft, that's when the truth unfolds that Microsoft's over exaggeration is just a way to hype up the existing blind fans to buy the console with no knowledge that the cloud isn't as powerful as they make it out to be. If the cloud can make an Xbox One three times more powerful, then what's the need for companies like AMD and Nvidia to keep working on new chips. If they can just use the cloud to amplify the existing chips to be 3 times more powerful. The cloud is actually a bunch of dedicated servers. Think about an MMO server, where new quests appear without you needing to patch your game up to get them. The same thing Infamous 2 had if you use it's online feature. Microsoft wanted all their games to be like that, that explains the always online from the past before the 180. The "persistent world" thing is being done without the word cloud. It's just a server to carry that data for you to use when you're online. There will be no graphical jump which Microsoft wanted the fans to believe in a long time ago. That "careful planning" is just a bunch of lies that slowly reveal themselves as time comes.
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mikeslemonade  +   847d ago | Well said
Original Xbox 2nd place, Xbox 360 3rd place, X1 which has less of a positive outlook than the other xboxes will not win this generation.
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n4rc  +   847d ago
Its still hilarious how its OK to just assume and pass it off as fact..

Or everyone that doesn't believe your assumptions is brainwashed.. And Microsoft always lies and nothing is real..

You people really are a trip.. Lol.. So delusional
DragonKnight  +   847d ago | Well said
The author's opinions aren't fact. In fact we've seen them before with the original Xbox and the PS3.

"Xbox One vs PS4: Sony Wins Today, Microsoft Wins Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow ..."

This section is about broadband. According to the author, the Xbox One will win because of it's heavy reliance on a broadband connection. A broadband connection reliance is nothing new and started with the original Xbox. The PS4 relies on a broadband connection as well and there is currently no difference between the two consoles in this regard.

This section isn't a victory for Microsoft because it's irrelevant. The author makes the claim that it will be advantageous for Microsoft because the people who don't get the functionality of the Xbox One now, will in the future.

How is this not the case with the PS4? Is the author making the claim that tv integration will be well received by the U.S. and then years later be well received by, say, European countries who just caught up? Meanwhile the PS4 will have enjoyed years of satisfied gamers.

"Xbox One vs PS4: Cloud Computing Bets On Megabits"

This is about cloud computing. Honestly, we all know that this is the new "Power of the Cell" or "blast processing" or "4D gaming at 120FPS." Cloud computing will not be what this author thinks it will be.

Just because broadband is improving doesn't automatically make cloud computing viable. Latency is a real problem, and cost will be a huge problem as well.

The Xbox One was designed for people who don't have to worry about money, and in this economy that isn't a lot of people. Cloud computing will face a lot of problems even in the future. Plus, there's nothing to suggest Sony is neither capable nor interested in cloud computing of that nature, however problematic it is.

"Xbox One vs PS4: Better Exclusives, Better Press"

Completely subjective and no indication of the future. There is literally no reason to go any further into this.

"Xbox One vs PS4: Microsoft Will Outmuscle Sony's Manufacturing And Message"

This one uses rumours as proof and ignores the fact that, while Microsoft have HAD to change their message because they were FORCED to, Sony haven't.

You can't make the claim that a company is sending out a better message because they were forced to change their stance when the consumer base wasn't buying what the company was selling... literally.

Using the rumour about Microsoft's manufacturing completely ignores what everyone said about the allocated pre-order consoles Sony sent out to retailers, which was a lot more than Microsoft sent out if you want to believe rumours.

There's also the rumour of Microsoft being behind on the Xbox One that still hasn't yet been refuted. As we can see, rumours aren't an accurate gauge for future success nor is Microsoft's deep pockets. Having deep pockets didn't stop them from dropping support of the original Xbox after only 4 years on the market.

This article is filled with more rumours and speculation than concrete analysis so in the end all that you come away with is the author saying "I think the Xbox One will win in the future, but I can't say for sure."
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MizTv  +   847d ago
Yeah because df has a great track record
Boody-Bandit  +   847d ago

Take a bow, drop the mic and walk off the stage. The only thing missing from your response was a "Thank You & Goodnight".
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Ju  +   847d ago
I consider this whole article propaganda. It amazes me that he even points out all the PS4 advantages yet insists that MS wins - with things which nobody knows that even exist. Simply because sticking with facts will tell a different story. Interesting, interesting. Well, who knows, maybe MS will win. But so far they haven't won anything yet.
gaffyh  +   847d ago
Not going to bother reading it, but the way I see it, the only advantage that MS has is Kinect. In terms of power, PS4 is more future proof, in terms of games PS4 will be more future proof as Sony have proven for three generations that they support their consoles for a very long time, and they have the best first party of the big 3. In terms of price, PS4 is already cheaper which means they will be able to react to any price cuts for Xbone in future. So unless Kinect becomes a major factor in the future, don't see it happening, then they have a chance to win eventually. Although even then, PS4 camera can probably do a lot of what Kinect can do.
dedicatedtogamers  +   847d ago | Well said
@ DragonKnight

Y'know, your comment on the latency of cloud computing made me think...

Why do some of the Xbox loyalists here on N4G make the biggest fuss about the PS4 GDDR5 RAM's "horrible latency" (which has been disproven time and time again) and yet the latency of "teh InFiNiTe ClOuD!1!!" which is several magnitudes higher than any supposed RAM latency never seems to register with them?
DragonKnight  +   847d ago
@Brutallyhonest: Well, 'Thank you and Goodnight' lol.

@dedicatedtogamers: The answer is because one argument makes the Xbox One look good and the PS4 bad, while the other makes Microsoft look like liars for promising things that aren't feasible. The question becomes "if I were an Xbox One fanboy, which argument would I support?"
malokevi  +   847d ago
"Whether or not you believe it will work as advertised, Microsoft obviously does. It's a major infrastructure commitment."

That is the most important line, and has been my rational since day 1. Their word over yours, I'll take theirs, thanks.

"Inside the console, Microsoft gave two of the four 'Memory Move Engines' the capability to process zip and LZ, memory compression formats that are used in streaming data. "Microsoft has such interest in compressing data that it has dedicated silicon to the job instead of leaving it to the CPU," writes Digital Foundry."

I hadn't read that. that's pretty cool.

If you really think they re investing millions and billions of dollars into something intangible, just so that they can woo a bunch of gamers... you really are living in a fantasy world.

"Microsoft is worth approximately $243 billion and Sony about $11.5 billion. Microsoft has very, VERY deep pockets and can afford to outspend its rival if it has to. "

This is the other important factor. both consoles will be great, but I know who to place my bet on.
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Ezz2013  +   847d ago
yeah xbox win in what ?!!

they lost to ps2
and they lost to ps3
and now they will lose to ps4 out of the gate in both hardware and price and every place ps4 is in the pre orders lead and winning every single poll too
and both offer almost the same features

-better specs than xbox (GPU 30-40% more stronger,Better/Faster/more Ram)
-Free games with PSN
-have all TV features
-psn+ is as good as live
-movies, one of the best movie services available
-Records 15 minutes of game play only 7Minutes
-Controller have touch screen
-Controller that don't need Batteries like Xbox D-Pab
-Free Party Chat unlike xbox where you have to pay for it
-Gaikai cloud streaming service
-Vita remote control feature
-Ps Camera (Which is not forced like Kinect 2.0)
-The best 1st/2nd party Support since ps1
-Ps4 is very Dev Friendly so no more lame ports
and for most part since it's the stronger console it wil be the lead system
-Multi-screen functionality
-offer both Indie and AAA support
and still much more to come
-2000 friend limit for party chat while xbox only 1000
-Cheaper by 100$ more than xbox

can't get any more clear than that
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black0o  +   847d ago
@ezz that's what i call OVERKILL

OT: sony on offensive here if MS loses US market it's a game over just like the 1st xboxone lol and i bet 4 or 3 years from now we may see a new xbox :P
abzdine  +   847d ago
X1 will perform well but MS killed it before it comes out. Now this is how the situation is!
Dagobert  +   847d ago
You mad bruh?
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black0o  +   848d ago | Well said
last time i checked Ps4 is future proof as well with heavy investment on GPGPU unlike MS
in terms of cloud
Gigia is where all the roads leads when it comes to play on the go on any device

Bottom line ps4 will out shine x180 within year or two
The_Sneauxman  +   847d ago
honestly their heavy reliance on "The Cloud" reminds me of the HD/DVD vs. Blu-ray fiasco.. M$ always goes all in. Such a rookie mistake
GuyManDude  +   847d ago
Not to mention that the Xbox One is dead in the water in both Europe and Japan. Japan wants nothing to do with Microsoft, and the XB1's price and focus on cable TV (which most of Europe doesn't use) makes the PS4 the favorite in those two regions.

They would have to slaughter the PS4 in the US, and given current pre-order info and poll statistics I just don't see that happening. Unless something significant changes the PS4 is a pretty safe bet over the XB1 globally.
NewsForge  +   847d ago
For all the people that believes that MS as the power of 3 Xbox Ones in the cloud (about 3500GFLOPS) for every Xbox One is delusional. It's was clarified in this OXM article that only the CPU and HDD is tripled in the cloud and not the GPU.
H0RSE  +   847d ago

But unlike the HD-DVD/Blu-ray debacle, Azure has already proven itself. Developers seem to love working with it, and it has been very profitable, with revenue topping $1 billion.
T2  +   847d ago
Good point and technology is shown to evolve over time ... Sony did the right thing cramming as much hardware in as possible for fair price ... Article is stupid
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ala_767  +   848d ago
lol thats right
bigfish  +   848d ago
I didn't bother clicking on the story,, based on the title, its written by a bunch of jealous Xbox fannies.
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SgtClutch117  +   847d ago
Look on youtube. See how many people make videos using the Xbox and PC. Seananners, Roosterteeth, Captain Sparklez, SmoshGames, Node, etc.
Gamer1982  +   848d ago
Its all banking on cloud computing being what MS say it is and I really think its just gonna be stuff like AI etc for forza rather than real world computing purely because the amount of bandwidth needed for the stuff people are talking about would be astronomical. Plus your still held back by your internet connection which is a lost slower at sending information than hardware inside the box.

That's what this is basically trying to say PS4 is already more powerful but Xbox will win thanks to the cloud.. Its another cloud article..... The thing is as this generation proved PS3 got the rough end of the stick with 3rd party titles getting the lower quality versions even though it had the more powerful hardware yet it still not only caught the 360 it overtook it. So you really think its gonna matter?

Heres how I see the next generation going its going to be once again Sony's mega exclusives VS MS pulling out every little bit of tech they can from the cloud e.g. Forzas updating AI. Halo evolving maps etc.. Stuff that probably won't make it to 3rd partys games thanks to keeping them as level as they can on both platforms.

So Sony's will be AAA and MS will be unique and something new. So it's all about what you as a gamer prefer but Sony will have the head start this time around which makes it very interesting especially as MS still cannot gain ground on Japan and are losing ground on Europe...
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DragonKnight  +   847d ago | Well said
"This is not made up or fake all the concerns and bandwidth this and internet speeds and all that stuff is more BS than the capabilities of the cloud."

Sorry to say but your second hand information is inaccurate. Bandwidth and internet speeds are a definite hurdle to cloud computing. How anyone can say the speed, and amount, of the information being transferred is irrelevant B.S. is mind boggling.
rainslacker  +   847d ago
Cloud computing is great for things that are not latency sensitive. I have written some things using cloud tech, even for Azure, and the MS tools for using it are quite robust and nice to use.

I would never discredit the cloud for it's capabilities, because it's been around for quite a while, and has proven itself, both in cloud format, and in private network use before that. Client/Server computing is far from new, cloud is just a bigger, and more capable form of it.

However, gaming is latency sensitive. Games run on a constant loop, updating everything 30-120 times a second. Due to the nature of latency, the cloud can not be used to increase the power of the console 3 times. At most, and I would never deny this, it can be used to give small enhancements to certain parts within the game loops sub routine. This in effect can free up processes to allow other things to work locally.

But, all of this cloud talk is mostly just PR smoke and mirrors. It's a promise that many people are going to be disappointed in when, or if, MS takes it's time to deliver on a big enough scale to make it worth while. Just looking at the Vita, it didn't take more than a month for people to be upset it didn't offer remote play on all games, or that PS1 titles weren't available at launch. Gamers are impatient assholes. This won't change. Sony will get the same thing with Gaikai.

Long term it's only going to get worse, because it seems that so many are hyping up cloud to be the biggest thing ever, and like you, have no idea what exactly is possible, or even feasible within a 10 year time frame. They take the marketing, which you readily admit has to be done quickly, and build it up in their own minds. They don't research the actual merits of the claims, which have been disputed, not just by techie websites, but developers themselves.

I'm happy you had an interesting conversation. Now instead of taking what that person said as factual proof, go do some research on your own. Come back with some solid credible links if you want to keep spewing your nonsense. Your either a really good troll, or you truly believe what you say. But I don't ever recall you being able to back things up with any kind of factual link(ie. not from MS PR dept).
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rainslacker  +   847d ago
Yeah, thanks for the lesson in game programming. First of all, you don't always know what's coming next. Look up subroutines and event based programming. That is what game programming is. AAA Games that would benefit from what MS is proposing are not a constant, or even a rarely changing set of variables. It is a live, highly changing environment that has to exist within a set of rules.

I will agree it's up to the developer to tap. What I've seen is that what the developers are "tapping" now is not anything that any dedicated server could do without any problem. AI is one of the places where I see it as beneficial, however what MS has shown in say Forza, is not real time AI. It's a set of variables to determine AI before runtime, or a points throughout. It is a learning AI, and it is not latency intensive. It's not much different than how say a fighting game will learn which moves you use the most.

I never once discounted that cloud could be used for certain things that you mention. You speak of building the world? You're talking about a lot of data to be sent back and forth between client and server. It is completely against your first argument. Lighting is a graphics issue. Implementations like Nvidia showed earlier this week are pretty far off for the consumer level, even by Nvidia's own admission...and their servers are designed specifically around graphics, and they are doing far more than MS in this field.

I never denied that the cloud wouldn't be beneficial. I simply said that this 3x power is a pipe dream at best, and an lie at worst. No matter how much it may be possible in theory, the bandwidth and latency will never give that much power back to the console.

As far as Gaikai. It has the same ability to do what MS is claiming. But Sony is at being upfront and saying it isn't really practical right now. Gaikai, for all intents and purposes, is built for this. It runs graphics type software. Graphics type software is very important to gaming nowadays as the CPU is not used nearly as much. Most processes in gaming just run faster on a GPU.

MS runs a generalized cloud computing platform that has the software tailored to it's users needs. The servers can do whatever a regular computer can do. So what's better for gaming? A cloud platform built around NVidia Blade graphics focused servers, or a general purpose cloud computing platform that runs hundreds of thousands of applications from thousands of clients? Azure and Gaikai are not completely different things. They are pretty much the same thing, with different implementations.

Also, both would be considered Platform as a Service. From a computing standpoint there isn't much difference, between all the "as a Service" models. It's just a different way to host and deliver the actual data/applications.

I guess basically what my argument is, is that cloud isn't really going to offer much more than what a dedicated server can provide now. It's a different way to deliver content. There is nothing wrong with that.

To end, on a personal aside between you and me, I don't have to listen to the naysayers. I can research and understand the principles behind what MS is talking about because it's what I do. Most of your comment is well spoken, but at the end you get back into this whole "poisoning" thing you did with Kinect. Sure, the fanboys aren't worth listening too most of the time, but don't take their actions as reasons to dismiss the qualified people who have dismissed the cloud. MS may have something to show that will prove us all wrong. Until then, I prefer to demand proof. When they show me something impressive, I will be impressed. Simple as that.
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Sony360  +   847d ago
So basically you're commenting for nothing and getting a load of agrees for it.

Typical N4G.
wsoutlaw87  +   847d ago
I think the idea is slightly idiotic. Sony built the best hardware. Hes trying to say that the cloud computing will make it better in the future but theres nothing stopping sony from doing the same. Plus sony bought gaikai so the will in the future have the ability to streem games on the ps4 that the ps4 could never handle.
KingTrash  +   847d ago
Well, there's nothing stopping Sony from creating a network as good as Xbox Live but they haven't done that so...
Raiden  +   847d ago
Ok, u made a good point about PS4 gaika streaming, whatever system we bye in the end it will come down to the $ervices avaiilable. Hardcore gamers are a minority in this world, I can say that I was a hardcore gamer, but I like other things too, with this generation of gaming I found that I played less games but watch more entertainments of my choosing. I have family that live abroad and I use the Kinect to chat with them, which was better than Skype because I used one system. Do people not notice that all systems are always on, your xbox360 and PS3, what did u think that little red light on PS3 is when u turn it off or charging the xbox controller when the system is off, all systems are on even your TV. Gaming is part of entertainment it will come down too AAA exclusives first party exclusives and the best server connections the best service.
H0RSE  +   847d ago
Sony's main reason for acquiring Gaikai, was for streaming, whereas MS's intentions with Azure are much more in-depth and I guess "meaningful?" for lack of better word. MS has invested a lot more time and money into their cloud system than Sony has. MS also developed their own cloud system, whereas Sony merely purchased it. MS developing their own technology that can work with other technology that is also theirs, sounds better than simply a company buying software, and changing it where necessary. MS as a whole, also has a lot more money to play with than Sony does.
wsoutlaw87  +   847d ago
horse, i dont see how anything you said matters. MS buys everything. They bought a bunch of servers, thats just buying things. Cloud computing has the ability to improve the xbox theoretically. Streaming allows you to play games your console would never even dream of playing. How would you defend cloud computing as more meaningful?? You let MS's talk make you think they have some sort of magic going on but they just bought lots of servers. They also went ahead and bought some third party games so they would have some exclusives.
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H0RSE  +   846d ago

"You let MS's talk make you think they have some sort of magic going on but they just bought lots of servers. They also went ahead and bought some third party games so they would have some exclusives."

- I don't let MS talk convince me that "magic" is going happen - I let real-world convince me of the possibilities, and the results are that Azure is already an established software, and developers have already been working with it to do more than just stream games, hell to do more than just work with games at all. Gaikai lets you stream video? OnLive does/did this. does this - not impressed.

My argument stems from the fact that Sony acquired cloud software, with a main focus on streaming games/video, whereas MS's Azure software, is being targeted as more of a virtual software studio for devs. Yes, it likely will be used for streaming, and Gaikai will likely be used for other operations, but I see Azure as the software where streaming is just one thing it does, not it's main focus.

"Cloud computing has the ability to improve the xbox theoretically. Streaming allows you to play games your console would never even dream of playing. How would you defend cloud computing as more meaningful??"

-What I meant by more "meaningful" (and I stressed that this was due to lack for a better word) is that I see a cloud service that works with a game, whether it be generating content on the fly, or helping with AI, etc. as more "meaningful" than simply streaming, and I see Azure as the stronger of the 2 in this regard.

As far as the cloud goes, I see MS as the ones that will be more innovate in their application of their software, vs Sony and Gaikai, because if there's one thing I have learned it's that MS is more likely to take risks and try new things(probably because they can afford to) and Sony likes to play it safe.

This is simply an educated opinion based off information I have seen for both services, so please, don't read it as a irrefutable factual statement claiming one is better than the other. I'm not trying to get into a dick waiving contest.
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DonFreezer   847d ago | Trolling | show
BABY-JEDI  +   847d ago
I read it. So many hopes placed on one title 'Titanfall'. That's it... Give me GG, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Sucker punch any day.. Games, games, quality of service will win this gen.... Not one exclusive.
GT67  +   847d ago
@ baby-jedi
quality of service will win this gen............. NOT ONE EXCLUSIVE

tell that to HALO fanboys they think halo 5 will save X1
#1.11.1 (Edited 847d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
H0RSE  +   847d ago
I haven't heard a single thing about "fanboys" claiming Halo 5 will "save" X1 (didn't know it was in need of saving...)

I have however, heard anticipation of the next Halo game, and talks about the amount of potential MS's flagship title can have utilizing the tech of the new system...but I guess that's the same thing...
opinska  +   847d ago
you mad because Xbox is winning... lol
Anyway Ps4 will have strong sales for sure too!
DarkHeroZX  +   847d ago
How is Xbox winning? PS4 is stomping the X1 in pre-orders.
Mounce  +   847d ago
Ain't nobody got the time for irrational and dumbfounded opinion pieces like this.

Xbox One will win inevitably....because the Original Xbox and 360 didn't get 3rd place at all. They totally are just going to MAGICALLY be the best shit ever since sliced bread because this guy says so
avengers1978  +   847d ago
No they don't
TamiWAgee   847d ago | Spam
wsoutlaw87  +   847d ago
in the article the author actually says that "Microsoft seems to have a more dynamic 10-year plan than Sony. In addition to investment in cloud computing, Microsoft recently filed a patent for AR glasses. Obviously these are still way early in development, but it's a forward-thinking kind of accessory that isn't even on the radar for Sony." Isn't on the radar for sony??? Haha Sony has already done live demos of their ar glasses... like 2 years ago, what a journalist. "Isnt even on the radar" lol come on now, try harder next time.
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Killzoner99  +   847d ago
I'll save you the time of reading it. It's a fantasy piece on the Xbone overtaking the PS4.Basically a troll article so don't waste your time. Nothing here.
showtimefolks  +   847d ago
just like the xbox360 won this gen and ps3 came dead last with a full year ahead start in USA and almost a year and half in Europe

oh wait

so now ps4 is priced better
better launch support
sony will deliver exclusives
psn-plus is a established service that now millions more will enjoy

so yeh xbox one will come 2nd since wiiu has decide that it will not sell

PS4 sale numbers will blow people's mind from day one, i don't think MS could have done any worst at screwing them self around E3


so yeh families/casuals will go for ps4 so right out of the gate xbox one has a huge $100 disadvantage and till today MS hasn't show that xbox one is worth the extra $100 bucks
Nitrowolf2  +   848d ago
he says the xbox One is design to work in the future, does he really think Sony isn't doing the same? I mean look at the PS3, still living and still pumping dem GAMES!!

Sure I guess if you call TV the future of tomorrow...50 years ago.

I'm not trying to downplay the Xbox One, the reasoning in this article i am. Both Xbox One and PS4 will be design to work 10 years from now. Sure msot of america will have speeds of 100MB hopefully by 2020, but we are here and now and that won't be true for another 7 years when the next gen of consoles will most likely be coming.

I'm sure both consoles will do great, and honestly at this point I could careless now about who has more sales between Xbox One and PS4. Just as long as there's healthy competition we can expect better content from the two. It's not about who's going to fail, it's about who's going to supply us with the best experience, and as of now I guess it's completely debatable, but year's down the road will tell us.
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Saigon  +   848d ago
I think his statement is truly in regards to the Cloud claim. Stating that Sony may have now but their system isn't future proof as the Xbone. I understand where these claims are coming from but people are completely writing off what Sony is and may provide. Overall I think until we know what both companies are planning, I don't think articles like this should be posted. Everything is speculation until proven otherwise.
TronEOL  +   848d ago
And to be honest, if MS is using the cloud to somehow magically give their console more power (lol), then can't Sony do the same thing?

Since they'll be running games of the damn thing, you think they'd be able to do whatever Microsoft decides to do since it mostly relies on internet connection and nothing else.

As for cable and all that, I can see cable companies offering apps on Smartphones and Tablets that let you watch TV on the go in the next 5 or so years (maybe sooner), so why wouldn't Sony just slap a good old "Cable TV App" onto their dashboard and call it a day? Problem solved.
#2.1.1 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(3) | Report
Saigon  +   848d ago

You know, I actually would like to see this claim that MS states. As I said previously, I know it can be done, I just want to see it done to the claims that MS is making. The amount of increase that their stating is beyond normal. I think I will feel better about the claim if the statement was far less than than the, in recent 600%. If the claims were 20%-35%, I wouldn't complain.
Gamer1982  +   848d ago
how can the ps4 not be as futureproof? The PS4 has more modern hardware and they both have internet and disc drives. What makes the Xbone more future proof the cloud? Erm Sony has cloud technology too.. They could easily add cloud computing to the ps4 if they so wanted but does that make it more futureproof? I don't think so as its a fad as it cannot add physical horsepower to your game it can only take off stress of minor things making little to no differnce in real world gaming. The cloud will impact however in stuff like we have already seen like the evolving AI in Forza. Thats where the future of the cloud really is and you can bet your backside Sony are also doing this they just not talking about it yet as right now thats a future selling point. They are already outselling Xbone in pre-orders so save a couple of extra big announcements for when sales start to decline to boost them again. Whats the point of letting all your eggs out of your basket at once when your winning?
Silver360  +   848d ago
From article:

"Inside the console, Microsoft gave two of the four 'Memory Move Engines' the capability to process zip and LZ, memory compression formats that are used in streaming data. "Microsoft has such interest in compressing data that it has dedicated silicon to the job instead of leaving it to the CPU," writes Digital Foundry."

And as for internet speeds FIOS now offer 500Mbs/150Mbs. And that will only increase in time.
Raiden  +   847d ago
Hey, this is not a direct reply to your comment, I really want to knw where are the full specs for x1, MS has never fully spoken of the specs, did they have more that one spec, because I find it strange the only think people talk about is the ram, esram

Cloud computing let me put it this was, bandwidth is key importance in data tranfer, remember people that software is king, software controls hardware the less hardware works the better the bandwidth.
CrimsonStar  +   848d ago
Both consoles will be great , hell I can even see the Wii U being really awesome as well later down the road .
Gamer1982  +   848d ago
Aw see you started off well then mentioned the WiiU a console that cant sell more consoles in 3 months than a Xbox 360 or Ps3 can sell in a week right now even with there so called mega hit Pikmin 3 released.
brave27heart  +   847d ago
I want a PS4, so I will buy a PS4. Therefore I win.

If you want an XB1, buy an XB1. You win.

If you want all the consoles, buy all the consoles. You win.

The only "win" thats up for grabs is the consumers wants. You have a multitude of gaming options available to you. From PCs to handhelds. Buy what suits your needs and desires. Thats the only win available.
Chevalier  +   847d ago
So the tail end of xbone will have some benefit , except which company is following through with support? Just look at the amazing exclusives on ps3 into the fall and where are the games on 360 this year? Somehow MS is going to follow through at some undisclosed time in the future? It is clear as day which company has the conviction to support their fans and vision of the future; SONY. MS will drop support before their idea can get any really benefit and it will be minimal at best.
AirJohnston  +   847d ago
This guy lost all credibility when he said "They also have another advantage: they're freaking Microsoft."

Because apparently losing the only console gens they've competed in means they're a shoo in to win the next gen
rainslacker  +   847d ago
Most people won't have 100MB speeds by 2020. Not even half the US has broadband now. Although I would assume us hardcore gamers are probably disproportionate to that statistic. Phone/cable companies just recently started getting most of the country up to current broadband speeds. I doubt they're going to want to make another investment so soon to provide gamers with higher speeds, when they can milk current lines for all they're worth until competition pushes them further. Unfortunately, in the US, there are very few companies which have the ability to lay those kinds of lines, and expect that speed to be extremely expensive for the duration of next gen. Even regular broadband is pretty pricey in 2013.
dedicatedtogamers  +   848d ago | Well said
360 didn't "win" even with a year head-start, a $200 price advantage, an advantage in online, and an advantage in exclusives and superior multiplats for the first few years.

And PS3 still caught up and surpassed 360.

How is a more expensive Xbox One launching at the same time as the less-expensive PS4 magically going to beat Sony's machine?
ape007  +   848d ago
MS did the impossible with the xbox 360, it ended sony's total market domination

also more games 1st and 3rd party are sold on xbox 360 which means that the extra ps3 gap (and more) is for people who bought the ps3 it as a blu ray player

in numbers ps3 might bit a little small bit ahead of xbox 360 but the real winner is the xbox 360

i agree that a 399$ ps4 is hard to compete with but u have to understand the momentum that ms has built with the xbox 360 and the possible potential of the "all in one" approach to capture the general public

in conclusion, i say that both will sell extremely well, with ps4 having a bit of edge.
#3.1 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(73) | Report | Reply
dedicatedtogamers  +   848d ago | Well said
I have to...understand the momentum? No. I'm sorry. Microsoft has LOST momentum, not gained it, unless you consider nabbing the ever-fickle casual audience with Kinect to be "momentum".

Now, am I saying the Xbox brand is a dud? Absolutely not. But to think that Microsoft has some sort of all-powerful brand-loyalty and brand-recognition, especially after the last months (years, actually) is beyond optimistic.

It's blind.

And in my belief, the next gen is going to be the first console generation where there are actually LESS total sales (i.e the sum total of Wii-U, PS4, and X1 is going to be significantly less than Wii + 360 + PS3) than the previous generation. All markets are on a decline. Videogames aren't immune, and I think the industry is in for a rude awakening if they think the numbers are going to keep going up, up, up.

Additionally, I think the number of multi-console owners is going to drastically decrease.
#3.1.1 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(56) | Disagree(14) | Report
devwan  +   848d ago
@dedicatedtogamers "Additionally, I think the number of multi-console owners is going to drastically decrease."

Agreed. With both major formats have subscription services to get the most from the gameplay, more people will be inclined to pick one or the other, rather than have a main machine and a secondary one for its exclusives. Then it's all down to upfront price and value. That is, unless prices really crash through the floor for both hardware and subscription.

As for Nintendo, many of us have had their machines around as a secondary unit for a while, but there's just not that much in terms of software that's compelling enough for many to justify just yet and until the Wii U's future looks more solid, most won't rush to own one.
#3.1.2 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(1) | Report
TronEOL  +   848d ago
Any momentum Microsoft gained in the first 4/5th's of the X360's lifespan is now lost. That console has been having a bad time with exclusives, or any reason to have that console exclusively in the last few years.

Then with the X1 disaster, that sealed it for most people.

Xbox1 will still do well, I can say that without a doubt in my mind. But I'm more than sure that if there are any true gamers on Xbox, they've rethought their position by now and either moved to PC, Nintendo, or Sony.

Not saying any gamers on Xbox still, or planning to buy XOne aren't true gamers. Just those are the gamers content with their gaming experience, and don't want anything more, new or different.
AnteCash  +   848d ago
Only place where they will go head to head in sales is USA. Forget about rest of the world , in europe where i live x1 is a joke with all the 180s, ppl dont know what will happen later in x1 life.
slimeybrainboy  +   848d ago
No console ever dominates for more than two generations.
AirJohnston  +   847d ago
MS has lost pretty much all momentum since the 360. Playstation has definitely won the last 2 gens
bobtheimpaler  +   847d ago
Ms have lost a lot of momentum. They hardly put out any compelling exclusives for the core these days and XBone reveal really hurt them.

My friend has multiple 360's as he enjoys having friends over and playing on his network. When I was over at his place last week, he was considering getting a PS4.
lastofgen  +   848d ago
microsoft ended playstation's dominance in console gaming. Sure, the ps3 ended up out-shipping or out-selling (or whatever) the xbox 360 by a small amount (oh yeah, and this generation isn't over yet), but they made 'xbox' a house-hold name and that's something that takes some work to do.
HammadTheBeast  +   848d ago
Actually Wii did that, MS just picked up the scraps in the US.
iceman06  +   848d ago
According to most gamers, Sony ended it's console dominance by releasing a console that was "too expensive" too late. MS was there to fill the gap and provided a great machine. They spent billions upon billions in ads, Kinect, etc. Probably a fraction of what Sony and Nintendo spent together. Yet, they are rapidly falling out of grace. It was the core gamers that brought MS to the forefront by word of mouth and peer pressure. It might be these same core gamers that turn and run to someone else...much like many did with the PS3. It's really an exercise in futile speculation at this point. Generations are not static. They are fluid and ever-changing. If MS can adapt to that idea, along with whatever plan they have, they should be fine.
Hicken  +   848d ago
If there was a company that ended PlayStation's dominance that wasn't named Sony, it'd be the current leader in units sold, Nintendo.

Kudos to MS for getting Xbox into the mind of the average person, but they're just the latest to do so. Nobody's forgotten about PlayStation, or Nintendo, and both of these names are better known for games around the world than Microsoft or Xbox.

And you're right: this gen isn't over yet. By the time it's all said and done, Sony could well sit at the top again. And while it may not be the absolute destruction of previous years, it's perfectly possible that Sony could be the first console maker to ever win three consecutive generations.

Which hints at a kind of dominance all its own, does it not?
Wh15ky  +   848d ago

Bubble to you sir, without a doubt the most sensible comment here.
LordHiggens  +   847d ago
Please Microsoft has all but abandoned the Xbox 360. Sony is still spewing out exclusives. It's over we all know Sony won this generation.

...unless you count Nintendo.

Which I don't.
CrimsonStar  +   848d ago
I'll be supporting Microsoft first because of their amazing launch titles , and I imagine a lot of people will do the same .
Cryptcuzz  +   848d ago
1) "Amazing launch titles": Subjective

2) You do not know the full launch titles for the Xbox One - let alone the PS4.

3) Done.
Scatpants  +   848d ago
Amazing launch title. Dead Rising is the only thing that looks any good. Everything else is average looking at best.
n4rc  +   847d ago

Your opinion that Xbox is inferior is subjective too.. Doesn't stop you does it?

People are free to pick Xbox if they choose.. This view that people must be brainwashed morons to do so just shows your arrogance..
Aceman18  +   847d ago
with what they tried to pull i will not. my next purchases will be PS4 and Wii U.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   848d ago
Both sides just need to hush.

Both consoles aren't even out so we don't even know how its going to play out. Everyone should just sit back and chill and enjoy playing current gen games before we are graced by the next gen gods.
aceitman  +   848d ago
its called preordered and ps4 is outpacing x1 by a large margin. even in the usa. worldwide belongs to sony . if u look at the traking numbers . 360 won usa but ps3 took over the world .
jimbobbeers  +   848d ago
Worth noting the UK was also an exception along with the US. 360 obliterated the PS3 in the UK, and it is the second biggest gaming market in the world.

This is why the Xbox One will not fall flat on its face, US & UK will keep sales going strong alone. Admittedly the PS4 will probably sell double.
Smoovekid  +   848d ago
A game console designed to be better tomorrow has to have "GAMES".
Relientk77  +   848d ago
The last two console generations beg to differ.
LordHiggens  +   847d ago
3 now,

PS3 will outsell 360, I think it probably has already

PS2 won hands down

PS1 won hands down.
silkrevolver  +   847d ago
Yeah, but Microsoft didn't have a console competing with the PS1, so... besides that.

mochachino  +   848d ago
For the average consumer it comes down to $500 versus $400 with more power, however visibly apparent at launch.

The first thing you do when you get a new console isn't go home, unbox, and watch TV with hand gestures. It's play new games. PS4 wins that for significantly less money.

For me, $500 gets a next-gen console with a game and a years online or just a console with no online and no game. The choice couldn't be easier.
Max-Zorin  +   848d ago
Both systems will be great in their ow way. But their fans.......................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ........................
Max-Zorin  +   848d ago
JunioRS101  +   848d ago
console wars?

ain't seen two sides fight it out like this since 'nam...
The Meerkat  +   848d ago | Funny
They aren't fighting yet.

What we have now is like smack talk at a boxing weigh in.

However one of the boxers is looking a bit fat and hasn't won any fights in 3 years. He does have bigger hands and a great spin doctor but he's down on power and is living off past glories. He keeps talking about how the power of the crowd will be on his side and help make up for his lack of training but nobody's buying that BS.
JunioRS101  +   847d ago
Just lol'd. Thanks for that.
LordHiggens  +   847d ago
This comment has won the internet.
BOWZER35  +   848d ago
Tired of the console wars. They need to come out already so we can play everything.
zeksta  +   848d ago
N4G has literally turned into a fanboy war of constant comparisons of consoles, here's a suggestion.. Let the damn person guide themselves to make the right choice and purchase, it's always a matter of preference.
Scatpants  +   848d ago
It's like reading the same arguments regurgitated hundreds of times.
My launch titles are better than your launch titles, RAM, Clouds, Kinect, system specs blah blah blah.

We've all read it all already. Don't waste your time typing it again.
EXVirtual  +   848d ago
Really? There is no way in hell. Do I even need to explain? Xbone is terrible and it's fanboys are really really reaching.This article is reaching for something. M$' cloud wiener.
worldwidegaming  +   848d ago
Just buy both. We like games right? If the price is right buy it.
Ps3 seems like a better choice. We will not know for sure until its reviewed.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   848d ago
Xbox one will eventually win out because its a custom full HSA console.
GreenRanger  +   847d ago
A custom full NSA console, more like.
DoesUs  +   846d ago
Thats terrific, it really is. I applaud your love for MS.
CrimsonStar  +   848d ago
Idc who wins the console war , I only care about gamming . And so far im set with my Xbox one , and later down the road when I get my PS4 and Wii U , I'll be in even better shape .
McScroggz  +   848d ago
Here's the thing, Microsoft's Azure cloud service is most definitely an investment in the future. However, it is extremely unlikely that 5, or even 10 years from now that service will offer something more than dedicated servers and some light computational offloading. The internet speeds needed for any amount of significant processing sans lag is just too high to be reasonable. What's more, given the PS4 is more powerful in several ways, I can only assume that whatever processing the Xbox One offloads to the cloud could be computed locally for the PS4. Maybe I'm wrong about the last point, but that's my thinking.

Plus, Sony does have Gakai. Sure, it's not capable as far as I know to do exactly what Azure does; but I'm sure Sony is also investing in the online capabilities that are out there. Who knows if during this generation they will offer the same things the Xbox One does, assuming they couldn't anyways. But again, even if Sony can't I just don't believe in the magic of the cloud so I don't think it really matters.

Other than the cloud, based off what we know and think we know about both consoles, Microsoft doesn't have any other advantages - generally speaking. I'm sure both consoles will be good and have their fair share of games.

So I disagree with the author. But I'm more than willing to admit I'm not an expert.
thoract  +   847d ago
People just need to stop listening to this BS talk about the cloud. Microsoft keeps saying the cloud is going to make there system more powerful. What about the half of the xbox users that don't have live? How will they get the cloud power? So the people without live will have to go without the cloud power and play with weaker graphics and framerates? Why don't you xbox fans bring this question up to Microsoft. How will a person without internet or slow internet get this extra increase in cloud power.

SHOW ME THE CLOUD POWER, make me a believer MS.
SabreFTW  +   847d ago
It was Microsofts intention to begin with, to have the new Xbox always online therefore access to 'the cloud' among other things. Otherwise you would have had to buy a 360.

I would be interested to know if they have came up with a new strategy to combat the loss of always online, in regards to the cloud. Anyone care to enlighten me, I don't keep up to date with new news as often as I would like.....
#17.1.1 (Edited 847d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
mxrider2199  +   848d ago
This article has many facepalms....
iceman06  +   848d ago
Macbeth (Act II, Scene I)
Is this a dagger which I see before me,
The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee.
I have thee not, and yet I see thee still.
Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible
To feeling as to sight? Or art thou but
A dagger of the mind, a false creation,
Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain?

Translation---Biatch...are you for real!!?!?

Seriously, all of the speculation in the world won't make anyone right at this point. It's about as fruitless as the pursuit of power in the play...guided by the prophecies of the witches. However, if I were to compare anybody to the "tragic hero" Macbeth...hubris was on the side of one company way more than another from the start...just a thought.
ufo8mycat  +   848d ago
XBOX wins eventually?

Digital Foundry :

Did you know Microsoft has never won a generation?

Did you know the PS3 came from behind and moving in front of 360 in sales, despite being out 1 year later, higher price, and a not yet fully established online at the start?

Did you know the PS3 had a much bigger & better exclusive lineup then the 360?

So now with the PS4 coming out cheaper and most likely earlier, not to mention will have a much better game lineup then the ONE will have as the years go by, and with the other stuff I said above, how on earth can you think XBOX will win eventually?

And you guys call yourselves experts?
Did Microsoft pay you guys some $$$, because thats the only thing I can think of to explain it.
#20 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
THC CELL  +   848d ago
Well said. I'd like to point out people are dissing the vita at the moment wait till u start playing ps4 games on the go. Just saying. Or and if a vita bundle comes. Hmmm
Master-H  +   848d ago
GDDR5, that's designed for a better tomorrow imo, also the xbox 360 didnt win eventually (unless you talking US only) so what makes you think the X1 will ? when it got a bad rep from the start.
Any way i dont trust in the game industry analysts anymore since i've been introduced to the wonderful man Pachter lol also i don't believe in psychics and fortune tellers ,so let's just all put our fake crystal balls away and wait for the coming years to play out and enough of these lame articles like "The X1 will fail" , "the Xbox wins eventually" zzzzzz.
NeoTribe  +   848d ago
If any console in future proof its the ps4. Better hardware means better looking games and more resources for the future. Unless kinect is the future, which I dought, they don't have much of one.
THC CELL  +   848d ago
Not gunna read this but at end of the day it's going to be about games, sony has the best console developers and really it will be hard to beat them. Halo is the only amazing game I like Xbox for but that is old now. Titanfall migh. Be the next best thing but we will see
Grindlefly  +   848d ago
how many more of these articles are we gonna see? Its driving me mad as its making me so impatient for next gen, but checking n4g everyday has become a sort of "guilty pleasure" lol.
For me, ps4 wins but that is because that is the choice me and all my friends have made and already have our pre orders done, but x1 is going to have plenty of fans and good games. Each to their own and hurry up next gen!!!
Grimhammer00  +   848d ago
Well I'm right about this : xbone = spybox

Done. What's that? You gunna make excuses?

If ps4 was a neogeo I'd still be getting that over an xbone. It's about principle and ethics for some us.
_FantasmA_  +   847d ago
Exactly what I've bene saying for the last few years. I don't care what games M$ brings, or features. The way they do business overshadows any games they have. I won't be somebody's bitch just to play some bro shooter.
LordDhampire  +   848d ago
Microsoft pays to much attention to the american market, they always try to win the battle, while sonys trying to win the war

Also I think the only reason titanfall will sell decently well is because its a launch title if it came out 2 years into the life of the console no one would care, no matter how good it is mech games are not big sellers.
thoract  +   847d ago
Honestly I don't think Titan Fall is going to sell that much on the xbone considering the install base is going to be 1-2 million. If anything the x360 version will outsell any other version.
Khajiit86  +   848d ago
Im more worried about today for today. Tomorrow I will worry about tomorrow
ShinnokDrako  +   848d ago
They could have named the article "XboxOne: the console for the players of tomorrow". Too bad i'm a "today" player and i want to play today. I don't care about all the extras around (TV, social network - that i hate, but this is personal - , cameras/move controllers and whatever). I go for the games, with preferences to single player/offline multiplayer: what's better than a bunch of friends, all happy playing together without stupid devices in the hear or a crappy net (obscene services in my zone)? My favourite games have been on PS3 this gen and i hoope they continue on PS4. For now, nothing catches my attention on the XboxOne, at all. Maybe they're right, all that clouding and extra services will be great in the future and maybe that's why i could think about getting an XBOne in the next years. Or maybe not, since after releasing a console, the mother houses keep updating it with new services, functions and all of that and i guess it's going to happen the same. So we'll see, my new console (like i said in other articles, even if noone cares ;P) will be a PS4, articles and journalists can say whatever they want, i don't see another best option anyway.
#28 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
LordDhampire  +   847d ago
My god I just realized .... Tommorow...will be today tommorow

biglittlesps  +   848d ago
According to the article, Sony has won today and microsoft failed today but they are trying to win for tomorrow. But, sony will come with a tomorrow plan again with Gaikai and more exclusives to go even better than Microsoft plans, so again Microsoft will fail tomorrow.
_FantasmA_  +   848d ago
Yeah sure and the wars on terrorism and drugs will also be won pretty soon. These articles defending the xbox keep getting more desperate and desperate. How can you even doubt Sony after M$ was handed a golden opportunity? This time there is no opportunity, no advantage, no momentum. This is Sony's generation to lose. I just hope they don't get too comfortable and instead hope they just keep bringing the games like they've been doing since 94. Were coming up on 20 years of PlayStation and they have brought so many new successful franchises with each console, the most features, and best value for the money, whereas M$ in its 12 years has only had 3 and half franchises(Fable) that have been used and abused more than a tubesock.
#30 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DialgaMarine  +   847d ago
Bubble up! Just for the tubesock comment lol

But your statement was also very true. M$ has never contributed anything to the games industry. They slapped together a few already existing things here and there, built upon them ever so slightly, and then released a console brand. Teenage idiots across the world then decided they needed to get their badass gun toting alien killing fix through their system, which is why the brand still exists today.
#30.1 (Edited 847d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
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