Murder In Video Games Like Grand Theft Auto Is As Sinful As "Performing The Act" In Reality

OLIVER WILLIS: In response to a viewer question asking if negative actions in video games were seen as sinful by God, Pat Robertson referred to games like "Grand Theft Auto" and said, "if you're murdering somebody in cyberspace in a sense you're performing the act, you like it or not."

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ssj2gohan831874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )


You might think this is lame, but millions of people around the world follow his very advice. And he is also very influential in GOP politics and media. I would advise you do some research.

Muffins12231874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

The only politics and voters he influences are republicans and religious rednecks ...and right now their the laughing stock of america so you should not really care what this old guy has to say.

ssj2gohan831874d ago

That is what I said, until he bites the dust. Robertson still has great influence over the GOP, and millions of fundies who follow him. He might be a laughing stock to you, but the religious movement he's been part of and leading is no laughing matter.

Lord_Sloth1874d ago

Religious rednecks like him give religious rednecks like me a bad name...

Pisque1873d ago

Also conservative democrats

xHeavYx1873d ago

Like I said before, he should worry about the priests who play "games" with little kids

Bigpappy1873d ago

He probably ran out out Geritol again. Or his arthritis acting up again. Murder in video games? Seriously?

BABY-JEDI1873d ago

Shouldn't this guy be dealing with real social issues that plague the world? Poverty, starvation ect.

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manchesterman221873d ago

im sorry, you must mean millions of americans!!! why would the rest of the world listen to this complete fool, ive played GTA since the very first one, not once has it made me want to get in my car and run someone over or run around in the streets shooting shit up, i do it in GTA because i can. People like this guy need to look at the real problems you your country and stop blaming video games. I use games like GTA as a form of stress relief!!! end of rant lol.

andrewsqual1873d ago

Don't forget that GTA is developed in the UK (well I know that is primarily where Rockstar North is anyway) too ^_^ so ban in the US all you want, we don't care over here.

zerocrossing1873d ago

Don't care.

Being a political and/or religious figure head doesn't make you immune to being called a moron for making ridiculous statements.

jb2271873d ago

that's the scary part....i think its safe to say anyone who truly listens to and feels this garbage has a screw or two you take those same people and tell them "well you're basically a mass murderer already because of video games" and bombing that abortion clinic might not seem so bad anymore....doesn't he realize how much more this kind of stuff hurts than it helps?

Xaphy1873d ago

As a muslim I say this is bullshit. Youre not killing anyone or doing anyone harm when you perform the act in virtual space. When he speaks of the bible what bible is he talking about? For all I know there are many edited versions out there. Each claiming theirs is correct.

maximus19851873d ago

old testament, new testament, scientology, twilight etc all of it is fiction

FragMnTagM1873d ago

+Bubble maximus1985. Well said.

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M-M1874d ago

No it isn't. When you kill somebody in real life, you're taking away someones life, as well as hurting his or her's loved ones, and you have to have that on your mind for the rest of your life. In video games however, nothing in the game has "feelings", it's just data reacting to another piece of data. They're completely different, stop trying to bring video games into civil matters.

HammadTheBeast1874d ago

I'm not sure how to respond to this guy. It's just so..... stupid.

That's like saying going to gun target practice is the same as shooting people up.

It's just.... stupid.

levian1873d ago

This guy hasn't seen the sheer amount of people killed in games like Uncharted.

FragMnTagM1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Exactly. So reading/watching the news, TV, and books are basically committing murder as well then by his logic.

I like horror movies. Does that mean that I would actually want to see someone ripped to shreds in real life? Hell no.

I like reading all kinds of books including ones that have murder and such in them, am I going to go out and kill someone after reading a book? No.

Watching the evening news in my opinion is far worse than any other type of media. Especially the big conglomerate news.

xReDeMpTiOnx1874d ago

The level of stupidity present in this guy is over 9000!

mochachino1874d ago

4th level super Saiyan power level stupidity.

Benjammin251872d ago

I can't believe people like this still exist. Glad to see you Americans are smart enough to know he's spewing bullcrap. 10-20 years ago, that wouldn't have been the case. Nearly everyone was highly religious back then.

mochachino1874d ago

And a tackle in football or a check in hockey is as wrong as assault.

The one major flaw with the internet is that every moron has a soap box to stand on and spew drivel to the masses.

ssj2gohan831874d ago

He's been doing this for decades.

DxTrixterz1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

If that's the case I would be a serial killer now. Seriously what the hell. I've 'killed' more pedestrians in GTA4 (video game not real life as I can see difference between them) than the game could probably generate and how is killing something that does not exist in reality sinful? As long as you can see difference between video game and real life and know that in REAL LIFE YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER KILL ANOTHER PERSON there is absolutely nothing wrong to kill in video games. Seriouly do those video game 'human beings' have families that care about them and love? No they just a piece of data. Just because I like to play violent video games doesn't automatically make me murderer.

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