GS News Top 5 - Bioshock Infinite DLC, PS4 memory, new Xbox mode

GameSpot - The PS4 will have 5.5GB of RAM for developers, the Xbox is getting community moderation, Fez II is cancelled and Bioshock Infinite DLC is happening.

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Godmars2901813d ago

Wasn't that first new item refuted last week?

JunioRS1011813d ago

Yes it was. Up to 6gb available so far

rdgneoz31813d ago

Seeing as a dev said there were games using 6 GB of ram in development, yah it was pretty much refuted. And even if the PS4 was just limited to 6 GB, most multi plat devs won't even be able to use all of it.

Most PC gaming rigs tend to have 8 gb of DDR3 ram (which not many games tend to max out) and as the link shows, GDDR5 tends to be a bit better than DDR3 in the way of graphics. Also, anyone think most devs are gonna jump from using 512 mb DDR3 of ram to using up 6 or 7 gb of GDDR5 ram?

1813d ago