ACIV Dev: ‘Present Day’ Level Explorable, Has “Amazing Content”

GameFront: "Ubisoft conducted a Q&A session with the game’s Lead Writer, Darby McDevitt, who answered a number of interesting, and not-so-interesting questions posed to him by some of the game’s many fans."

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Mr_Pinky1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

"@adamk678 Will there be dialogue options/ conversations in present day?"

"No… because YOU are the protagonist, we didn’t want to put words into your mouth."

Or your too lazy to make an interesting story set in the Present and you can't be bothered with it.

Juno is free, they should of introduced a new character, hell even if it was Desmond's father at least then we can see how they deal with Juno and what she has in store for the world.

By the way I didn't know Juno was an A.I. I thought when they said she was a prisoner it meant her full physical body

"@KamalElgamel13 will the new character have a relation to Desmond?

No, Abstergo’s tech has improved. They have genetic memory cloud servers that allow anyone to dive into another’s memories."

Oh come on thats just ridiculous, when you went into the Animus it was nice to know you were playing a descendent of the character in the present. Now they don't have any relation to them

I feel like they arn;t even trying with the present timeline, they could do so much story wise. What about if the way to stop Juno was to find a descendent of Eve for example

Xof1843d ago

...Or maybe there aren't dialog options because Assassin's Creed isn't an RPG series, and has never incorporated any dialog choices of any kind into any of its games.

...And don't get too worked up over the present-day stuff. It's mostly just there to frame the meat of the game, which is the historical story. Honestly, it never really felt to me like they were trying all that hard with the present day stuff outside of AC3. The only real benefit it conferred to the games were the little animus-hacking mini-games/collectibles in AC2+.

doogiebear1843d ago

You could have put a big "SPOILERS" warning at the top y'know -_-

Mr_Pinky1842d ago

and why would I do that

It's an article about AC4, talking about the game and the past games.

It's your own fault your in this article

C-Thunder1843d ago

I hope this is the last of these and they move on to something else.

phantomexe1843d ago

Already confirmed it won't be but if your burnt out on them try something different. You don't have to buy them.

C-Thunder1843d ago

Missed that. I don't have to buy and I won't. It's just a shame that game companies feel the need to drive everything into the ground.

Kalebninja1843d ago

bro these games are fun i dnt see why ur mad they keep making more the gameplay experience keeps getting better its nt like u played for the stry it was nvr really good to begin with

kneon1843d ago

Does anyone actually care about the present day part of AC games? I know I don't, I see those segments as annoying interruptions to the real game.

phantomexe1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I do and i'm sure hardcore fans of the series will care. I want to know as much as i can about whats going on in the AC universe. There so much more to the AC universe..not just want happens in the games. Book, comics all tie into these games. It makes it awsome man. Love these AC games.

Landquake1843d ago

Maybe it's Ubisoft's fault due to the way they neglected the present day sections in favor of the historical sections, but I still don't see why people don't understand that Assassins Creed isn't about the historical stuff, it's about the end of the world. The whole reason for all of the historical segments was due to Desmond needing to learn how to become a master assassin to fight the modern day Templars and, in doing so, he had to relive the memories of people such as Altair, Ezio, Connor, etc. Why people fail to understand that and why Ubisoft has failed to show its importance is beyond me.

kneon1843d ago

I understand what the present part is about, but for me they have failed to make the present interesting.

bluetoto1843d ago


Took the words right outta my mouth. Irks me that so many AC "fans" have absolutely NO clue what the series is all about.

AceBlazer131843d ago

I always thought the past was just a means to get Desmond and the player up to speed on the state of things and then the game would eventually be completely present day but Ubisoft chose a different direction.

dcj05241843d ago

I keep on expecting a game where you're in the present day and you finally stop the modern day templars. Oh well

kneon1843d ago

I expect that what will happen eventually, but so far it's more like the present is just a vehicle that's designed to allow them to jump around into various times and places and still have it make some sort of sense.

AceBlazer131843d ago

In assassins creed 2 the purpose of ezio was to train Desmond it would have been cool if Desmond wore the assassin's cloak in present day to stop the Templars.could you imagine running around a modern day city killing politicians and officers,diving off skyscrapers,leaping across buildings and shit a bit ambitious but I'm sure it's doable this is how I saw assassins creed progressing but instead we get never ending game after game after game.