Folks Are Paying An Absurd Amount For A Weed Emoticon On Steam

Kotaku - The introduction of the Steam Trading card system—which allows players to earn tradable badges, profile backgrounds, emoticons, and coupons on Steam by playing games—has created a most peculiar market of digital items that people are willing to pay lots of cash for.

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Snookies121878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

People like weed. Nothing wrong with that. It's about on par with alcohol for inhibiting you. Alcohol is a bit worse (or can be) actually.

Black-Helghast1878d ago

High > Drunk

Alcohol is fine but I rather get high 10x before drinking and getting drunk. I don't know.. people love drinking when they go out and all that but I only like drinking when I'm down.

NoobJobz1878d ago

I don't mind either but to me it's always been whether or not I want to feel like crap in the morning? To me, that's the only real downfall of alcohol. Good up to a point and then it's all downhill from there. So I've transitioned to smoking. Feel great and wake up feeling normal.

SilentNegotiator1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Intoxication <<<< Sober

I went there.

GraveLord1877d ago

You'd rather risk getting a mental disorder or making one you might have worse then getting drunk?

Sounds like you haven't done your research.

1877d ago
HammadTheBeast1877d ago

I still don't 'get' people who like doing weed constantly. Don't they get tired of it? And paying $30 to say "hurr I smokez greEn" is kind of a waste lol.

Snookies121877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Oh no, don't get me wrong. Getting high every day is excessive for sure. However, some people actually benefit from smoking weed. My brother has a lot of physical problems from Lyme disease. Which doctors refuse to look into. Weed actually helps his pain. It "can" do good, and even for the people that smoke it just to get high... At the very least, it doesn't cause domestic disputes and car accidents like alcohol does. (This is most certainly coming from someone who does in fact drink alcohol quite often.)

sephiroth4201877d ago

no its not on par with alcohol, alcohol is far far worse.

Mounce1877d ago

Am sure most people buying the emote are just 'Histers'. An actual person who isn't just some hipster fag who smokes weed just smokes weed, they don't need to get attention out of people by throwing Weed-emotes at them to look like hardcore/badass fuckers or something.

What, is owning a weed-emote going to make you look cooler by trying to imply "Yea man, I smoke weed, I'm totally cool."

That's all I get from this.... I'd think a regular person who just smokes it wouldn't give a flying fuck and would think buying an emote would be stupid even if not high.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1878d ago

Tokers are a very passionate community about what they do.

And yes I enjoy it

Muffins12231878d ago

Damn if their paying around 30 bucks for it might as well get the game.

Ripsta7th1878d ago

Might as well get a sack and forget about the emoticon :)

Shad0wRunner1878d ago

$30 for an emoticon weed symbol? o_O

Damn, thats a quarter sack where Im from. LOL

Crazay1878d ago

Potheads are so cool they have to spend stupid amount of money to show off how awesome is.

Idiots...all idiots who should be sterilized.

Bonerboy1878d ago

Get out of my head CRAZAY.
Dont do drugs, stay in school, drink your milk.

Rivitur1878d ago

You don't want to drink that stuff genetic engineering.....

Mini05101877d ago

Hahah clearly a kid. Look at you, shitting on everyone.

And I thought you were done with me kid. Why did you still message me? Obviously my comment upset you or is simply the truth. Or both even.

Lol talking about intelligence and being grown up. All this time you were acting like kid. Not even trolling, but you should really speak for yourself.

I mean, look at my first or second comment. Didn't even flame you and you just somehow can't take it anymore after my second comment. started with the mocking...

At first it was basically wtf. Now it's like this kid is an idiot. Whatever.

Ripsta7th1878d ago

Isnt it a hobby?? I could say the same about gamers that pay an absurd amount of money for figurines and special editions. Everyone lives their life their OWN way

Snookies121877d ago

I smoke at times. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I can form proper sentences. In fact, I'm a really nice person. Are you saying that I should be sterilized? You're completely entitled to your opinion, but being rude when you don't understand something is completely unnecessary. Just a quick question here... Why is weed illegal in some areas? There are no studies that suggest that weed is bad for you, nor do you hear any domestic disputes, or vehicular accidents occurring from smoking weed. Smoking causes people to relax. They don't want to cause problems. If people want to smoke in their own homes, what's the problem? There is no problem, that's all there is to it.

Again, you're entitled to your opinion man. I respect that, and I'm not trying to be rude. I just want to give people some perspective on things. Weed isn't as bad as it's made out to be. It's illegal for the sake of being illegal. There is literally no reason for it to be against he law. In fact, that's why 3 states in the USA have already legalized it.

Crazay1877d ago

You wouldn't be the definition of a pothead as someone who smokes at times. You would be what could be considered a social weed smoker. Potheads are those who smoke it multiple times every day and make it such a part of their lives that they feel it necessary to make their online handles with things like "420" or "bluntz" just to tell the whole world how awesome they are cause they smoke dope so often.

Just for the record, I know someone who is a heavy heavy weed smoker and one day actually told me that instead of buying some extra groceries to feed his 3 kids, he bought weed. In fact I know 3 people who are insane potheads just like the description I give above and not one of them has aspirations to do anything in life and happen to be deadbeat parents so forgive me if my words came off harsh but that's been my experience and what brings such an utter disdain to the subject.

Snookies121877d ago

@Crazay - Wow, a father buying weed instead of groceries for his kids? Yeah, I get where you're coming from there... That's just horrible. Weed like any other substance. (Alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) Can be bad for you. It depends on the person really. Some people I know that drink are fun to be around. Others get violent and angry. It all depends on the person really. Some people can most certainly have a problem with weed just as they could with alcohol. If that's the case, they shouldn't be smoking or drinking.

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