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BOWZER351155d ago

Looking forward to all these games.

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GamePeace1155d ago

Yes, and These 8 Need real next gen graphics...

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IanVanCheese1155d ago

"Ah yes, Metal Gear. The most consistently quality franchise in all of gaming."

Lol what? Metal Gear 2 was terrible and 4 was just a giant cut scene that you occasionally got to play with. Metal gear is so overated it's unreal.

contradictory1155d ago

or maybe other people just like it..?
yeah, that's not likely.
after all every human likes the same kinds of games.
herp derp herp derp herp derp

medman1155d ago

My list begins with The Division, includes Watch_Dogs, Destiny, Infamous Second Son, The Order 1886, Metal Gear Solid V, Killzone Shadow Fall, and ends with The Witcher 3. Of course, if we soon see what PS4 goodness Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, and Guerilla are cooking up, this is subject to change.

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