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Submitted by MoXxXi 921d ago | opinion piece

Playstation All-Stars is Dead; Sony, you Didn't Even Try

Kaboomshark writer Ryan "Rdawg" T writes "Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale released last fall for both PS3 and PS Vita. Yeah, is it starting to come back to you? It was that one "Sony Smash Bros" game that was met with relatively "meh" reviews. Oh, you remember now? Okay, we're on the same page. Yeah, I am sorry to break it to you, but the game is dead, ended, burried 6 feet below the dirt. It made a decent enough run, but nothing Sony chose to do made much effect on saving the brawler. The final nails were put in the coffin today, though. Courtesy of IGN, we have new information that DLC production has completely stopped for Playstation All-Stars, bringing an end to almost all existent interest in it. Come on, Sony. You didn't even try." (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

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pedrof93  +   921d ago
If this game was a PS4 launch title I'm sure it would have some serious attention.
gaffyh  +   921d ago
I'm actually surprised at how long Sony did support this game. There was new DLC for ages, if that's not "trying" I don't know what is. The problem with this game was that it should have copied Smash Bros more than it did, but even then, what Nintendo fans like, is not necessarily what PlayStation fans like, hence why they buy different systems.
supersonicjerry  +   920d ago
If they copied smash bros and made it almost exactly the same I would have bought the game. I own a ps3 and want a wii U simply for smash bros and some other wii U exclusives down the road but mainly for smash bros
millgate1  +   920d ago
New DLC for ages? Dude, they released 4 characters and 2 maps. In a very short time too. That really isn't trying.
abzdine  +   920d ago
this game is great, and only people who never tried it who complain!
it's a very fun game, playable at 4 and on top of that you get vita cross buy and the price is really low.
Muffins1223  +   920d ago
Dude if all stars was anything like brawl it would of been way better,i play it frequently i can tell you its nothing like brawl..
zeal0us  +   920d ago
They should've made it more like Power Stone imho
Caffo01  +   920d ago
Rofl it was released in November... That's 2 DLC in 6 months... How is it ages?
StoutBEER  +   920d ago
This shit is what pisses me off. Somebody does'nt like the experiences Sony puts out? That's fine as long as you don't like the Xbox. Should I like it, oh god you've done it now. I like Xbox cause theres alot more shooters on it. Say what you will about that but they're the games that hold my attention for the longest, BF3, Halo, Gears and Halo is my favorite shooter. I also love other games Minecraft, Battleblock Theater, Skyrim. But everyone is so biased against Xbox makes me sick. So when you ask why im getting Xbox One im going to say because Sony puts out JRPG'S which im not really interested in, Nintendo puts out the same stuff i have been playin since i was a kid( Which if I have extra money will prob buy a Wii U) and im getting Xbox FIRST because the launch lineup looks the best to me. I hope to eventually get a PS4 so I can play Last of Us and Journey and any other great games in the future. But right now, Xbox looks better. Opinion.
Rodney25  +   920d ago
IMO they should've just made it a hardcore 2d fighter like street fighter. Nintendo has a more casual market, so a party fighter makes sense. Sony has a good mixture of casuals and hardcore it would've been better to make it a fast paced 2D fighter. Maybe even mechanically similar to anime fighters I.e P4A, Blaze blue guilty gear, etc.
The_Con-Sept  +   920d ago
The problem is Sly cooper. Hopefully in the next all stars game they don't include him as a playable character. Everyone else is great in the game including Zeus.
admiralvic  +   920d ago
@ millgate1

There was a costume pack (preorder bonus too), a second costume pack for several characters, way too many mascots too.
PopRocks359  +   921d ago
It would have needed to be a different game though. Some of the problems with PSAS are as follows.

1. It seems like they didn't even try to hide the fact that it had a lot of influence from Smash Bros. and Marvel vs. Capcom. If there is a sequel, they should try to make its battle mechanics a little more original. I've argued before that Sony should have gone for a 3D brawler approach akin to Anarchy Reigns or Power Stone since none of the characters in the roster were ever in 2D games to begin with.

2. There was very little effort put into its marketing. I saw very little advertisement for this game. With more dev time and marketing this could have been one of Sony's AAA smash hits.

3. The story mode was pretty bad, just like Brawl's. More time should have been given to refining the mechanics and making online multiplayer perfect.

tl;dr PSAS was a good idea, especially for Sony fans but Sony really did not try to make it a HUGE experience or release. They've supported the fans through DLC and that's amazing of them, but the game had some room for improvement and better graphics and possibly better online connectivity on PS4 would have only taken the game so far.

EDIT: @disagrees

You know, just for once, I'd like an actual debate as oppose to the usual defensiveness of criticizing anything a particular company does. It's not even like I bashed the game. I'm just saying it could have and SHOULD have been so much more than what it turned out to be.


HammadTheBeast, in all fairness the game had more third party characters than it needed. There was little to no reason to have Big Daddy there, for instance.

Mr_Pinky, in the grand scheme, if you must copy something, it may as well be something great right? The problem with PSAS is it was casually mimicking other games of its genre and wasn't really trying to hide it at all. The different approaches it took, such as only being able to KO someone with a special meter attack, was what crippled it as a fighting game.

Also thank you both for taking the time to respond.
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HammadTheBeast  +   920d ago
Another thing they messed up tremendously was character choice. Yes, we can blame third parties for not giving up older classics like Crash, Old Dante, or Snake, but they messed up by not including Dart, ANY FF characters, and no classic stages.
Mr_Pinky  +   920d ago
The game did a lot wrong but the one thing it tried the hardest with was making it different from Smash Bros. It's the reason why the game was a let down in my opinion, that stupid "super" system which got repetitive fast. Why they just didn't give the game a health bar system I'll never know, it was going to be compared to Smash Bros either way

In my opinion them trying to seperate themselfs from Smash Bros and trying to be original is what made the game fall flat on it's face.
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princejb134  +   920d ago
The character roster in my opinion was fine
The battle mechanics is what made this game blow
I hate those supers they were so annoying

In my opinion they should just remake the series get rid of the super system and add health bars
TongkatAli  +   920d ago
The biggest mistake is they didn't copy more, ringouts is what makes me play Smash bros.
Th4Freak  +   920d ago
"If there is a sequel, they should try to make its battle mechanics a little more original"

How much more original it could has been? It has nothing to do with SSB or Marvel vs. Capcom mechanics, its a new concept. In fact, thats the very reason I didn't buy the game, i'm a huge fan of SSBM (I lost the count of how many controllers I broke) and I can tell you that PSASBR is nothing like SSB, the mechanics of the game ruined it for me, I was expecting it to be just like SSB, based on handicap but its based on special powers, so that killed the game for me. SSBM is a game of skills and strategy while PSASBR is a game where the only thing you have to do is to randomly punch someone, fill the gauge and use the special powers, so I found the game senseless and boring. What killed the game wasn't "copy" SSB, was to not copy it at all.
PopRocks359  +   920d ago
I don't see how you can possibly not see any resemblance between PSAS and SSB or MvC for that matter. It was a 2D brawler with a variety of mascots limited to a particular brand and the object of the game was literally to knock each other about and raise the damage counter. In fact, exactly like Smash Bros., the more your character was hurt, the farther back they would fly! How is that not the same? Furthermore, it used a power meter with three attack levels that was dependent on how much meter you built up. How is that not like MvC?

I don't know what game you played, but the similarities were pretty uncanny to me. I don't see why people refuse to acknowledge them. It's not even that bad; Sony had a game like Smash Bros. with an idea from MvC made for their own characters. That's not an insult, it's just an observation.
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AirJohnston  +   920d ago
I'm sure no one thought that Call of Duty ripped off Medal of Honor, so why is it such a big deal that Sony made a game similar to Smash Bros? Smash Bros wasn't even the first one to do a game like this. It's a genre, this type of game doesn't solely belong to Nintendo.
PopRocks359  +   920d ago
Wow. Reading comprehension. You're in need of it. I specifically stated it's NOT a big thing that PSAS borrowed from Smash Bros.

No kidding it's a genre. I never said Nintendo owned it. I never said Nintendo got to it first. I merely said PSAS probably should have deviated more from it to be a BIGGER game. That's it.
Ilovetheps4  +   920d ago
PopRocks, here is my opinion on what you said.

1. I think that they actually did the exact opposite. I believe they strayed too far from the Super Smash Bros formula. It's clear that they were trying to do a Super Smash like game, but in the process they changed the core of the game. I didn't think the super system worked that well, and they should have stuck to either a health bar or something similar to super smash.

2. I actually saw tons of marketing for this game, but it was that awful live action commercial. They marketed it quite a bit, but just didn't market it properly. The commercial showed ZERO gameplay and didn't give you a good feel for what the game was. They chose Sackboy, Drake, Cole, and Kratos to fight each other in the commercial. I just don't think Sackboy, and Cole are big enough of names to really sell this game.

3. I agree that the story mode was bad, but I wouldn't play a game like this for the story. I would play it mostly for the multiplayer. Also, I really wish they would have chosen a better cast. There just weren't enough big names in this game.

I have been waiting a long time for a Super Smash Bros except with Sony characters, but sadly this is not what I was wanting. It just didn't turn out to be a great product. I personally didn't like the fighting mechanics (supers). I thought it just made it way too tough to balance the game. There were some characters such as Ratchet who could dominate the field with their level 1. And as I said, I just want a normal brawler with Sony characters. I don't care if you copy another game. That's fine with me as long as it's fun.
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Caffo01  +   920d ago
If you say the mechanics are similar to smash bros then you didn't play won awards for best fighting game of the year, it s a lot more technical the Ssb. In fact you just say the campaign is bad and the marketing too.. Everyone knows that, tell me some of the real problems of the game if you really played it..
Th4Freak  +   920d ago
@PopRocks359 Well, now I can tell you haven't played the game, as I said before there's not handicap system so these objects you're talking about aren't used to increase the damage counter/handicap but to fill the gauge and as there's no handicap the character don't fly farther.

Now, you're taking generic points to make your argument like if Nintendo invented them, well I got news for you, they didn't (actually I can't think of a single thing that Nintendo has invented). One thing is to call similarities of games which you will find because of the genre and a different thing is to call a game a copy because of these similarities.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   920d ago
I'm the biggest infamous fan there is. I also like kill zone uncharted and god of war.....but this game blows! Not as bad as elector and frank or Jake and dexters. Sly pooper is whack too!
Cryptcuzz  +   920d ago
You know what's whack? Your attempt at trying to be funny.

Sly pooper and Jake and dexter? What are you...six years old?

I never got this game since I didnt like how there were no health bars and only way of getting points is though supers. I am sure there are quite a few people that enjoys the game though. Hopefully they make another one with all complaints and dislikes from the fans fixed or improved upon.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   920d ago
@ cryptjizz. Not trying to be funny...trying to irritate. Judging by your retarded reply and my disagrees it worked. But jeff and Lester does suck. So does frencheska and hank!
3-4-5  +   920d ago
What they did with Sony All-Stars would be = to Nintendo making Smash Brothers without Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Link, & Samus.
Courtney786   920d ago | Spam
PurpHerbison  +   920d ago
I'm sure it would get serious attention too. The PS4 launch for some reason makes people over hype stuff.
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Tei777  +   919d ago
I'm surprised anyone would disagree with this. Simply being present at launch means your game is more likely to garner attention and attain a stronger fanbase. Especially for multiplayer games where community is a big deal!

I think being next gen would of helped with the visual too, which I think is a big part of this games downfall. Visually it just doesn't work, but tons of particle effects and next gen models etc would have distracted from the weak artstyle.
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Goro  +   921d ago
Yeah because about 30-40 DLC packs isn't enough...
LordMe  +   921d ago
It was the wrong kind of DLC. Just minions and 3 characters nobody wanted to play.
zerocrossing  +   921d ago
Yet the game still failed.

The thing is Smash bro's never got any DLC but is still arguably a much better cross-over game than Playstation all stars.

Sony really messed up on what could have been one of their greatest franchises yet.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   920d ago
Lol. That was awesome.
AzureskyZ  +   920d ago
Gameplay wise i thought it was on par with smash brother-- some people didnt like it but i thought is was superb-- but the main difference is that nintendo brought there best characters to play and sony did not. Its puzzling on some of the character choices they decided to choose--- characters from alundra, rogue galaxy, shadow of colossus, legend of dragoon, wild arms -- would have been nice-- and they even own those games-- i would have loved to see cloud, leon from resident evil, lara croft--- their are so many iconic PlayStation born characters they could have used but they used fat princess and another cole-- oh yeah emo dante
Mr_Pinky  +   921d ago
I think I noticed that they didn't try when I saw the characters. Some of the things being from games which wern't even out yet. It kind of felt like advertising.

We had a Bioshock Infinite stage and that game wasn't coming out until March...four months later. New Dante was included and his game wasn't coming out until January...2 months after plus he was chosen over the Dante we all know and love I mean how is the new one an "All star". Next up is Metal Gear Risings Raiden, now it's not just that his game wasn't out for another few months but they fact that they picked Raiden OVER SOLID BLOODY SNAKE, come on man. Oh lets not forget they wasted a character slot on another Cole, why couldn't he be like Zelda/Sheik in Smash Bros and you can transform between the two. It just annoys me that they did that yet they had Dart in mind for DLC.

Seriously we were in no rush for this game, the game should of never been announced until they could get every character we wanted. Crash, Spyro, Lara Croft, Cloud/Squall, Dart, Croc, Gex, Gabe Logan, Tomba, Sora, Classic Dante, Old Snake/Big Boss and Resistance character. Basicaly all the old characters and favorites should of been in the game while characters like Fat Princess, Big Daddy, Heihachi Mishima etc should of been DLC
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derkasan  +   920d ago
It's weird which character styles they went with. You mentioned how they used new Dante and new Raiden (which goes with that marketing angle you were talking about), but why classic Heihachi? Why a Big Daddy over a Handyman/Songbird? It just seems like a hodgepodge.
Mr_Pinky  +   920d ago
Maybe they didn't want it to be too obvious. In my opinion I think they would of had to pay money to Capcom if they wanted to use Dante but Capcom probably turned around and said "Look you can pay for Dante OR you can use New Dante for free".

For Bioshock maybe Ken Levine didn't want to show off too much of Bioshock Infinite and limited them by letting them use Big Daddy as a character but made Infinite a stage instead.

There's a lot of what ifs...I'm just spit balling but you've got to get into the mind set of the developer that Sony were asking. I'm not saying that's what happened, I'm not physic but money does play a role in things like this.
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LKHGFDSA  +   920d ago
Yeah and they had classic Drake from the first Uncharted, but a newer Spike from some Ape Escape spinoff.
They should of simply went with the most recognized and iconic versions of the characters, or the latest.
AbortMission  +   920d ago
A complaint I have for the game is why are the background segments so goddamn repetitive (I.E Hades and Patapon on the God of war stage all the time)

It's pretty obvious from the character selection, story mode and even menu design that this game was rushed. I could have easily waited months for the game to release. Oh well, I plat'ed the game so I'm done with it
Novistador  +   920d ago
You are 100% right every character you listed on the bottom would have been perfect. Especially Gex (im not going to waste time explaining why Crash and Spyro could't be in the game), croc, and hell add 2 enemies from Resistance. This was not an "All-Star" game.
Lovable  +   921d ago
akhmenhawk17  +   921d ago
How is it dead? a million copies were sold. it is more alive than ever and is proving itself to be a formidable brawler.
With the launch of the PS4 a sequel is definitely on the horizon, and i know many can't wait to see what it evolves into.
garos82  +   920d ago
Totally agree,I don't care what anyone says.I got on Monday and Tuesday night for some online ranked matches and there was plenty of people still playing in the various modes.I was playing some good 2vs2 stock action and it is still fun, quirky and highly strategic.

It may have not destroyed the box office in terms of sales but the core gameplay for me couldn't be better.and yes I wished for more classic characters but you got to admit the ones that exist are extremely diverse and all have their strengths and weaknesses.anyone fancy a 2v2 give me a shout I'". I main sir Dan
_FantasmA_  +   920d ago
Its cause they suck. People don't like games that they suck at. I suck at fighting games, but I was good at this game when it first came out. I took some time off because of school and when I came back I started losing alot, but I didn't blame the game and say bad things about Sony and Superbot. Alot of people in here are mad at Sony, when its not even their fault. Blame Superbot.
Novistador  +   920d ago
This game is heading for the trash bin and fast. Don't get me wrong I'm glad some people enjoy it. Like it or not, I'm sure most of you are disappointed about the final product. There was just so much potential wasted.
andrewer  +   921d ago
True. But it isn't Sony's fault, but rather the better (IMO and several others' opinion) competition, SSB. Tough to get a cross over brawler better than SSB, history tells it.
#6 (Edited 920d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
dcj0524  +   921d ago
It is? Didn't notice it was dead. Thanks for telling me. I guess.
_QQ_  +   920d ago
No snake,no sora,no cloud,no crash,no spyro. needbi say more?
garos82  +   920d ago
Yes talk about the characters they did put in and how well or bad they played.

Don't get me wrong I wanted those characters in it too but it didn't happen so get over it
_QQ_  +   920d ago
Playing as iconic characters is the main selling point of games like Marketing All Atars, so it actually is a big deal.
_FantasmA_  +   920d ago
Maybe you didn't hear the news. Crash and Spyro aren't with Sony anymore. How many times do you need to be told? Why hang on to something that wasn't in the game? You should focus on the characters that were in the games instead of the ones that weren't. If they put all of them in the first game, then there wouldn't be any new ones to add in the sequel.
_QQ_  +   920d ago
All stars had plenty third party character,so that is no excuse.
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SoundGamer  +   920d ago
Snake = Kojima/Konami

Sora = Square Enix

Cloud = Square Enix

Spyro = Activision

Crash = Activision

Sony tried to get most of those characters into the game, but ultimately the third parties wouldn't budge. Not their fault.
_QQ_  +   920d ago
you mean sony's wallet wouldn't budge?
Misaka_x_Touma  +   919d ago
source for those

never heard sony or superbot came out and said they contacted or tried.
josephayal  +   920d ago
sad news, the game is way way better than s
asiatico  +   920d ago
A power stone style all star game sounds like an awesome idea, it would definitely be different and more interesting
zerocrossing  +   920d ago
Very true, heck I'd settle for Power Stone 3.
tarbis  +   920d ago
Indeed, that was I was saying when I first saw the gameplay. Why 2D when they can make much more exciting with 3D brawl like Power Stone.
Many didn't like it bec. Sony copied SSB.
LKHGFDSA  +   920d ago
No sequel though?
I think this IP could see a revival with a well done sequel.
tarbis  +   920d ago
Make the sequel like Power Stone. That will sure work.
windblowsagain  +   920d ago
I think it goes to show, not every system sells the same kind of titles to the same degree.

I'm very interested in how Monter hungter sells on the PS3, or vita if they made a version.

As for Nintendo games, it's the exclusives that sell and most appeal to the younger audience, colorful graphics etc. And i won't lie, i'm alot older and enjoy some of them as well.

My fav being Mario Kart and the side type (mario/luigi.

I don't just want FPS/DRIVING, although i love them, i want new experiences and different genres.

I'm playing Darksiders 2 on PC atm and really enjoying it. I'm at the forgotten king stage. He is a git:)
BABY-JEDI  +   920d ago
I just want to say, you can't please everyone. Also regarding certain franchises. They do not become universally popular overnight. So Sony. Give it a chance. What te hell
hollabox  +   920d ago
People didn't buy into because it was Sony ripping off Nintendo. It was like the developers had dual monitors with SMB up on one while creating PAS on the other.
supersonicjerry  +   920d ago
If it was ripped off like how I wanted with a percentage system like smash bros instead of getting a super and using that to kill people I would have bought it.
Darkfist  +   920d ago
if theres going to be a sequel for all-stars they dont need to change the gameplay, just improve it by adding more modes, and more of their first-party games, like Legend of Dragoon,Patapon, Wild Arms etc.
Shadow Man  +   920d ago
They better not offer this trash game in ps plus instead of a better game because im gonna be pissed.
jakmckratos  +   920d ago
Yeah. The fighting is fun and frantic. The supers kill system is weak and was always going to be unbalanced. The roster is WAY too small. The story could have been awesome and was incredibly lazily done. I'd still play it if they upgraded the amoount of fighters with more playstation mascots and WORTHWHILE 3rd part characters and a traditional kill system. Can't believe they thought that was going to be okay.
Xsilver  +   920d ago
Any man with a brain can see thay ps allstars was test run that did fairly well now they can work on it to make it much better which im pretty is the goal
_FantasmA_  +   920d ago
I think that the people who say the kill system sucked are the people that sucked at the game. Who understands you people? You criticize the game for being like SB, then you hate on it for not being like SB?? Its nothing like SB, except for the fact that its a battle royale with Sony characters. Thats it. The similarities end there. If you didn't play then you missed out because it was my second favorite game of 2012, just behind Sleeping Dogs.
SoundGamer  +   920d ago
MikeyDucati1  +   920d ago
Really how can you hide the fact that they got their influences from SSB? Really? Ask yourself that. The "party figher" format alone is enough to show you where they got this from.

If I want a fighting game, I'm getting Tekken or Street Fighter. These "party fighter" games are for the young.
Dan_scruggs  +   920d ago
Playstation All Stars was a very simple experiment. Could Sony steal away the Smash Bros crowd. The answer was simple. No they couldn't.

Sony bailed the second they realized this.

Also... Seriously how was Cloud not in this game?
#21 (Edited 920d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   920d ago
... how can they "steal" a crowd from a completely different platform? How in the hell was a game with Drake and Nariko supposed to court gamers who wanted to play with Mario and Pikachu?

Newsflash: it wasn't.

The game's whole existence is because a certain group of fans wanted it. Those fans got what they wanted. It's a very good game, with a deeper combo system than SSB has ever had. It did lack on content, but that's nothing a second installation couldn't fix.

As for Cloud- and every other third party staple that people complain about- why don't you ask the IP owner? The ONLY character whose absence can really be questioned is Dart's. Crash and Spyro were too expensive, in all likelihood; Square-Enix probably wanted to pull a Capcom and have Lightning included rather than Cloud.

Some people should really think a bit more before coming to their conclusions.
Dan_scruggs  +   920d ago
The fact of the matter was that if Sony couldn't pull together the true "all stars" that helped build their platform then they shouldn't have made the game in first place. It was delusional on their part to believe that people wouldn't want the characters that truly helped to build the Playstation into what it is today. No Laura Croft or Cloud or Crash Bandicoot or Solid Snake. The list could go on. Sony pushed forward a game that follows in the footsteps of Smash Bros and couldn't follow through on the simple premise of giving players what they wanted and instead wasted their time using Fat Princess, Zeus, Emmett Graves (who?), Colonel Radec (once again who?) and 2 Cole's. If they couldn't do it right they shouldn't have done it at all. And judging from the sales, the abandoned promise of DLC and the current state of SuperBot Entertainment they would have been better off. On the contrary.

I think quite a bit before I make a post but it's common ignorant delusion to think this wasn't anything more than a Smash Bros rip off that backfired on Sony. But ultimately who cares. Smash is a far better game anyway and at least they give me vintage characters that I want to play as most notably Sonic, Solid Snake and soon enough Mega Man. The original Smash Bros came out in 1999 and me and my friends as well as many many others still play it even today. I cant imagine that anyone will still be playing Playstation All Stars 15 years from now.
Silly gameAr  +   920d ago
Ahhh. seems like the weekend articles are here finally.
E2S  +   920d ago
the hate that this game gets is almost laughable. Its like the game took naked photos of your sisters or something.
Master-H  +   920d ago
Guys what's the state of this game now ? is online broken or still working ? is offline local play fun with friends ? i am thinking of getting it to play with friends and maybe play a little online , because i like party games and there isn't many on ps3 and this seems like the closest thing to em (Crash Bash-type game)
Buttom line would you guys recommends this game ? i can get it new for 15 pounds + 5-6 pounds delivery. please only people that played the game answer me, no troll comments.
Silly gameAr  +   920d ago
It's still a pretty good online community going and the mp is pretty stable unless the host rage quits. But, be prepared to die a lot. There's some pretty good players out there, but if you don't take the matches to seriously it's pretty fun to hop online or play local. Plus the single player portion of the game is pretty cool. you should get a lot of replay value from single player alone. If you can get it cheap, I would recommend it.
erikthegman  +   920d ago
Most of the characters in smash are only on Nintendo platforms and have more identity and relatability than many used in all stars. final fantasy 7 is on pc, tomb raider on all other platforms etc which dilutes their identity instead of making it unique to PlayStation. People buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo franchises which Nintendo have provided over several generations with consistency. All stars just can't have the same weight as smash, not because Sony characters are bad, but because of how Nintendo uses their characters and franchises compared to Sony imo
Man-E-Faces  +   920d ago
I don't see how this game is failure when I look on Amazon this game has a near flawless 5 star rating, and didn't this game already sell more than 500,000 copies+, it seems to me this has become the norm this gen with games getting trashed by forum fanboys with some grudge and the bias media sites, yet the people actually buying these supposedly failures for a game seem to think/feel otherwise.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   920d ago
Brawl sold 1m first week in US.

SSB64 had no marketing and sold 5m copies on N64 which sold 32m units.

The game had 12 cast and 6 cut characters and final smash cut.

PS3 was 70m plus, Online, Blu-Ray 25-50GB.

Only manage to sell 500k you say that bad.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   919d ago
last part i meant that "you say that not bad"
Man-E-Faces  +   920d ago
Let me also say I did not personally buy this game as the lack of some form of story mode does not sit right with me, as well as the poor roster choices from my perspective. Better characters to include would be Tron Bonne(servbots), Lightning, Dollface, 3d Dot hero, chimera, Gran Turismo Avatar man trowing tires, Disgaea characters, this is just off the top of my head thinking. And lastly I would have much preferred a Dissidia 3d style arena instead of the SSB approach they took.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   920d ago
Sony gave up on PASBR just like they did with the Vita
dcj0524  +   920d ago
So giving the VITA more exclusive games is giving up? I fail to understand your logic.
RIP_Cell  +   920d ago
matchmaking is just terrible
Mr_Writer85  +   920d ago
PSABR had a uphill battle from day one.

When it was announced people slated it as a Playstation SSB clone rip off.

When it was released people slated it for not being a Playstation SSB clone rip off.

I own the game on both platforms (thank you cross buy) and have the platinum on both. So I don't play on my own or online anymore. But I do have weekends when my friends come round and this is one of the games we play. And we enjoy it as no matter who you pick there is no guarantee you will win.

I like PSASBR and think its vastly underrated and people take it too serious.
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