State of Halo: Is This ‘AAA’ Franchise Being Relegated to the Back of the FPS Pack?

MP1st - A quick perusal of ‘fan-sites‘ has plenty of reasons for the decline of this stalwart franchise ranging from 343 Industries not knowing how to make a proper Halo game to the inclusion of Armor Abilities still ruining the core gameplay of Halo yore. This begs the question: Are we witnessing the demise of the Halo franchise as we know it, or are the concerns overblown?

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pacostacos1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

simple answer...No!
its still a top tier Fps, its still huge in terms of popularity, and it still gunna sell consoles, and its the best exclusive Fps of all the consoles (Sony, Nintendo). For 343i first attempt at Halo it was a pretty damn good one!

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StoutBEER1876d ago

Agreed. Not perfect at all but atleast 343 had the balls to try something, multiple things that were new. I'd rather them experiment and alter and listen to feedback rather than listen to the "mlg" players and stick with the same cause it's safe. I still play ALOT of Halo 4 and am very glad they are listening. The Pit is prob my fav Halo map next to Guardian, so yea I think they're are doing a great job with feedback.

StoutBEER1876d ago

Oh and my name on here is exactlt as is on XBL. So if you wanna play Halo sometime people feel free to send me a message.

Starbucks_Fan1876d ago

Halo 5 won't make me buy a Xbox One

T21876d ago

True but it still kicks most fps ass, always had coop , mp , great graphics, vehicles, weird cool weapons.
HArd to stay on top but always solid

walkincarpet1876d ago

It's true that Halo 4 makes Sony FPS exclusives look like B games but we can't compare Halo to other systems. The sad fact is Halo has lost its touch beginning with the Halo 3 on 360. And then MS oversaturated gamers with three more iterations that followed the same Halo 1~3 formula while BF and COD began their campaign to give Halo a major spanking and Gears of War took its place as the Xbox exclusive king.

Halo is already on the its last leg but MS has opportunity to bring it back from the grave with the next release. If its same formula with better graphics and a few kinect/smart glass features then consider it dead as starwars battle front, division, destiny, titanfall, epic's secret game, etc..ect will be joining BF and COD at a level that is simply higher than the Halo 1~4 forumula.

Halo needs to change or die.

DasTier1874d ago

"The sad fact is Halo has lost its touch beginning with the Halo 3 on 360."

I disagree completely, Halo 3 was the pinnacle of the franchise and one of the greatest games of this generation. You'd hard pressed to find a more complete game which offered more replay value and feature more things to do than Halo 3. The groundbreaking multiplayer, awesome sandbox campaign, innovative Forge, 4 player co-op and unlike most modern FPS games it wasn't designed to be replaced a year later.

3-4-51876d ago

The FPS market is becoming more crowded but this time with actual good games.

Killzone, Planetside 2, Titanfall,Destiny, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty:Ghosts

Halo doesn't have to compete against just COD any more.

BF is more anticipated than COD, Titanfall is much anticipated, Destiny will gain it's own huge following ( RPG crowd), and Killzone looks different/good.

Halo & COD both have much stronger competition and they won't be as dominate in sales or in players online.

why can't people see this ?

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pedrof931876d ago

Well the halo makers left the ship.

I'm sure Destiny will be great.

Though halo 4 was good. Just not has good.

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walkincarpet1876d ago

Actually Halo 4 technically was very impressive and the reason why I have hope that MS can still put Halo up there with the other AAA FPS. So there isn't a question if 343 can maximize X1 technology, but it remains to be seen if they can recalibrate Halo to compete with the new standard of FPS gameplay and customization.

T21876d ago

True its starting to look like bungie was great , more so than halo just by name

DasTier1873d ago

Bungie had lost touch as well, Reach was one of the most disappointing games in the franchise, they took out all the fun from Halo 3 which led the way for the very streamlined Halo 4, which has killed custom games.

theWB271876d ago

Doubt it. Combination of things of them was generation fatigue. If it performs this low once Halo 5 drops next gen...then that'll be surprising.

pacostacos1876d ago

also Cod took alot of the Fps market seeing as it is the number one played amd selling games on both consoles. Though is see that decreasing next fen when Cod players finally what a hole cod has become

theWB271876d ago

Agree. Even though I wasn't one of those people. It's ridiculous how much that thing sold though.

SgtMofo1876d ago

I was alluding to this a bit in the article, but when the CoD:MW beta came out, it really gave people pause about which title to pick up.

Wni01876d ago

Thanks Halo for killing my favorite franchise TimeSplitters.

May you rot in hell.

Spurg1876d ago

Why do people bash Halo:ODST as if the game was a piece of shit. 4 player campaign co op,firefight with 4 player and halo 3 multiplayer with all the map packs. You can more here than you get for an average game.

Halo can't fail is one of the best FPSs out there. And the article seems to have been written by some pissed off retard who hate armor lock. He briefly mentions the story at the end as if Halos story is an afterthought when in the contrary it what drives Halo. And prove of that are the vast array of novels, comics and mini series(Emmy nominated series like 'Halo 4: 'Forward onto Dawn')and now with a newly announced TV series by Steven Spielberg the series seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Truehellfire1876d ago

I don't think people hated ODST for the actual game. Most people bashed it because of the price it was released at. I personally liked the game quite a bit, but it definitely wasn't worth $60. Sure, it came with all the map packs for Halo 3, but majority of die hard Halo fans already had those.

SgtMofo1876d ago

The Halo canon is vast and the campaign story plays an integral role in players attachment to the franchise. However, it's hard to judge the ODST campaign without factoring in the price point and the city acting as a 'hub' to artificially extend the game. If all the missions just played out sequentially without trudging through New Mombasa between each one, the game could've been completed in 3 to 4 hours.

DasTier1873d ago

I liked it but the main problem I had is that the ODST's were far to strong. I wanted it to be an unforgiving tactical fps akin to Rainbow Six, but the ODST had more health on Legendary than Masterchief!

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