Why Microsoft hasn't shown footage of the Xbox One dashboard

Examiner: "With the launch of the Xbox One just four months away(!) many are wondering why Microsoft hasn't shown any footage of the new and updated dashboard/operating system yet."

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pedrof931873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )


They have 3 OS running but no dashboard yet ?

I thought the dashboard would be the same as windows 8.

lastofgen1873d ago

Of course they have a dashboard, but it's not ready to be shown off yet.

Obviously, they're working on tweaks here and there.

1873d ago
gaffyh1873d ago

Sony hasn't really shown their interface either, in that respect MS has showed off a lot more tbh, such as the snapping functionality.

crxss1873d ago

pretty sure they already showed off the dashboard...

shoddy1873d ago

They afraid Sony copy thier dashboard and pull a 180.

Mounce1873d ago

They have to work out how many squares/blocks you get on the screen and how many are oriented to entirely to Ads. LOL

Saigon1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )


If I am not mistaken it has been the other way around; grant it MS did show their dashboard/interface during their reveal which was good, but nothing else has been revealed about the dash. Sony has posted pictures and even have a 5-min video showing everything their interface can do on the PS4. I will be honest, I never even realized MS hasn't shown much of their dash until this article. I am sure that will be adjusted in a few weeks at gamescon.

mark134uk1872d ago

more like its not finished yet #xboxfail

andrewsqual1872d ago

Shocked this wasn't shown at E3 and then hyped for the next 5 months.
They have only done that the last 3 years now that they changed it every single year too.

The_Sneauxman1872d ago

Riiiiiiight.. Given the Inconsistencies with the Dashboard on the Xbox 360 and the continual change of the look of the Dashboard, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have a working or finished model yet.

Probably trying to see how they can incorporate all that "fandangled" Gb space to use.. just fill it ice cream. Everyone loves ice cream!

badz1491872d ago the dashboard will be a deciding factor for ANYONE to buy the damn thing! why can't we just wait and when time comes, it will feel fresh!

usability is more important that the dashboard itself! it can be the best looking dashboard of all time but if the usability sucks, it sucks! just like how the Metro ruined it for many desktop Windows 8 users and the new PS Store for example of neat looking but crappy usability compared to the good old PS Store!

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ThatCanadianGuy5141873d ago

Leaked picture of the new dashboard.
Looks..colorful.A little clustered, but i can dig it.

Burrito26a1872d ago

Brawndo. It's got what plants crave.

Christopher1873d ago

They have it, but not ready for a live walkthrough.

See no issue here as neither is Sony's new OS, of which we've only seen marketed videos on and nothing live with it.

Nitrowolf21873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

so they are doing a new one than the one shown at E3? Cause they did "demo" the dash

iamnsuperman1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I guess what we saw at E3 is the projected image of what it will be like and not what it actually was

slimeybrainboy1873d ago

'Because it isnt done yet.' is the basic answer.

Also less importantly it gives them something to show later on.

Cam9771873d ago

In that case, this system has been rushed. It should be finished by now with arms Patching cracks that show through.

slimeybrainboy1873d ago

I wouldnt know, I've never made a console. Clearly you have, as you seem to know these things.

QuickdrawMcgraw1873d ago

Slimey why would not just ask Cam if he had ever worked on a console instead of being a A$$.

Xwow20081873d ago

"We can't do that - the software is not done and not in a state to share," Lary Hyrb

So the dashboard showed at the xbox one reveal was fake huh?

pacostacos1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

or it was in the alpha or beta stage ... Why hasnt sony shown the dashboard operating in real time!? and no that corny video doesn't count. Probably cuz they are still working on it also probably why they havent shared details on how much ram is reserved for the OS

lastofgen1873d ago

Maybe the one they showed off at the reveal was their target??

The xbox team has done great work with re-identifying their hardware with new os looks like the nxe, so I'm not expecting to be disappointed by the xbox one dash.

ThatCanadianGuy5141873d ago

Yes it was faked.

On top of that, the football team that was playing the game in the backround as he was talking actually weren`t even in the playoffs anymore.Wasn`t real demo and certainly wasn`t real time.

frostyhat1231873d ago

Wow DayZ you may take the cake for most pathetic trolling attempt I have ever seen. OF COURSE the game wasn't real time, the season had been over for months. Just wow.

QuickdrawMcgraw1873d ago

So Frosty then Day is right...right.

No_Limit1873d ago

DayZ, smh

No s#!t it wasn't real time. It was in May. The Football (NFL) is over in Feb.

cl19831872d ago

Espn still shows footage of football even when the season is over because they talk about football all year just like baseball and basketball.

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iamnsuperman1873d ago

They need to show it soon. Any later than Gamescom is cutting things a bit fine.

RuleNumber51873d ago

Agreed. I'd say the same thing about release date for both consoles.

Cmk01211873d ago

E3 wasn't showing it ?

Cam9771873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I get my exam results on the 22nd August, let's hope something good happens on that day. Wish me luck, I hope I nailed my exams.

Campy da Camper1873d ago

Good luck bro. Its been years since I had them but the thought of them still makes my bowels churn. So much riding on them. Here's a bubble for courage.

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