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Submitted by Virtuozius 2792d ago | screenshot

Far Cry 2 - In-game Character Model

Developers of Far Cry 2 has released screen of in-game character model.
The high resolution screen is on the link.

From Far Cry 2 Developers Blog:

"Our in-game characters vary from 6000 to 12000 polygons depending on the complexity of the actual character and are developed using an innovative pipeline that allows us to excel on two fronts that are usually opposites: variety and quality. This pipeline begins with the actual modeling of the character in various interchangeable sections, onto the usage of generic normal map packages to ensure the highest possible resolution right down to our custom in-house skin and cloth shaders that allow for maximum resolution from any distance." (Far Cry 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Alcohog  +   2792d ago
IMO that is not impressive.
Violater  +   2792d ago
agreed a hot chick would have been a much better demonstration.
Iamback  +   2792d ago
probably some joke....but 1 April if behind us
Richdad  +   2792d ago
that looks like more like from Farcry 1 a very good mod from it but nayways the game is more abt environment and light and it open world so..
Yeah but the character shows AI he really is looking like he has taken two bottles of Scotch. Yeah thats waht aI call true to life AI.
Hangmat  +   2792d ago
Nope, not impressed at all.
Charlie2688  +   2792d ago
I just hope this is a pic in low res or low details cuz if not...oh boy its trailing behind Cryengine 2 by a TON O.o
techie  +   2792d ago
Drake 30,000 polygons :D
Dacapn  +   2792d ago
Yeah, Uncharted, Killzone 2, and even Gears have way better looking character models. That's kinda dissappointing.
M337ING  +   2792d ago
That looks Horrible
Worse than any real next-gen games to come out in the past few months.

My, oh my, Ubisoft. Seems like you really can't beat Crytek at their own game... ;)
Jamaicangmr  +   2792d ago
Really not impressed maybe i need to see a HD video rather than a pixelated screen shot.
Kens  +   2792d ago
It's like the guy...
...that gives you missions in Tomb Raider: Legend
killing_Art  +   2792d ago
not impressive at all.
it looks more lake a resident evil 5 zombie, you know, Dead.
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