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Sean Halliday of Gamer Euphoria writes:

''Some games want to challenge the player, to make them feel emotional. Some games want to answer the question of “can video games be art?” And some games, like Rise Of The Triad, say “f**k that, let’s have some fun.”

Rise Of The Triad is a remake of the ’90s cult hit of the same name. At its very core, the game is a ’90s-esque first-person shooter in both its gameplay and attitude, and this isn’t a bad thing by any definition. Fancy cinematic sequences, quick-time events, and a grounded story are all thrown out in favour of fast-paced action, big guns, and cheesy one-liners, bringing the genre back to what it once was.''

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Jyndal1810d ago

I remember RotT being 99 kinds of fun. I'll definitely be getting this one.

ElementX1810d ago

I bought it and it's a lot of fun. I forgot how fast movement was in old school games.