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Game-Smack Ireland: I think it’s clear to say everyone knows about the recent events between Fez developer Phil Fish and video game personality Marcus Beer who goes under the pseudonym “Annoyed Gamer”. It was an ugly public spat between two people who are considered professionals who both acted rather childish. I was going to say unprofessional but I think that would still require an ounce of decorum. It was ridiculous how both reacted but it was Beer who threw the first punch on Gametrailer’s video podcast “Invisible Walls”.

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thebigman1808d ago

This all comes down to money. Journalists wouldn't dare criticize a big game from a large publisher because they help pay the bills. However, journalists won't hold back when referring to indie devs who can't black them out from previewing/reviewing games so they will end up trashing them if they feel like it.

Add this to the hivemind of the internet and everything gets blown out of proportion like the Phil Fish BS last week.

1808d ago