Rayman Legends Challenges App players can get “Funky Ray” costume in full game

Those who download and play the Rayman Legends Challenges App before August 28 will receive an exclusive bonus in the full game. Ubisoft plans to make the “Funky Ray” costume available to players when Legends launches in just a few weeks.

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exfatal1872d ago

Nice to see the developers showing us Wii U owners some support after Ubisoft screwing us with the delay(to make it clear delay not multi release). i'll eventually pick this title up

admiralvic1872d ago

Ubisoft gave us the challenge app early and the demo (without porting that asap), so it's not like they left Wii U owners out to dry. However, I would have liked to see a more "unique" costume or at least a more applicable preorder dlc costume (a character from the Vita version has not place in the Wii U version).

1872d ago