Scams on Indiegogo Endangering Kickstarter Campaigns

Several new games are being funded through crowdfunding, and these problems may leak in that direction.

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krazeecain1844d ago

The credibility of honest campaigns is seriously at risk. It's not even the copy-cat campaigns that I'm worried about either, it's crap like "the doom of Atlantic city" that I'm really worried about; real, unique campaigns that just don't pay out. This reveals a large problem with these kinds of fundraising campaigns, the people making them have no obligation or accountability after they receive their cash. They can just make up a cool idea and product, then proceed to steal everyone's money.

The lack of effort on indiegogo's part to protect people from these scammers is appalling. Reading this article makes me appreciate the hoops kickstarter makes you jump through to start a campaign. From now on I think I'm just going to stick with kickstarter only, until I can be reasonably reassured that whatever alternative fundraising site holds the same or greater security and accountability as kickstarter.

0pie1844d ago

i never give money to kickstarter and stuff like this only because i dont like to pay for something i will have later. Also i dont get all this kickstarter thing, why i should give them my money? I want a ferrari and i dont start a kickstarter to get one you know...

maelstromb1844d ago

I'm're missing the point entirely.