Pikmin 3 and Tales of Xillia get Reviewed by Edge

The latest Edge review scores are in and Pikmin 3 extremely well charting a 8/10 from the tough grading critics. Tales of Xillia managed pull respectable 7/10. Get the full charts below.

Here are the full review scores

Pikmin 3 – 8
Dota 2 – 9
Tales of Xillia – 7
Deus Ex: The Fall – 6
Deadpool – 3
Dark – 3
Rogue Legacy – 8
Layton Brothers: Mystery Room – 7
Mighty Switch Force! 2 – 6
Capsule – 7

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Relientk771837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Excited for Tales of Xillia, it's so close, yet so far away

Snookies121837d ago

Picking it up day one. Already have it paid in full. :]

I loved Graces f, so I know I'll love Xillia. That's what I like about the Tales series. It's like what Final Fantasy used to do. Keeping the structure that made the series popular, but changing enough for it to feel like a new game.

Relientk771837d ago

I loved Tales of Graces f, and that's exactly why I'm buying it, introduced me to the series, pretty much.

Lovable1837d ago


Just a heads up the battle system is a step down from Graces.

NewMonday1837d ago

but the graphics, story, characters and music are better.

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josephayal1837d ago

one of the best rpg ever

TheRacingX1837d ago

Looking forward to Pikmin 3, It looks to be pretty solid, I know its niche but it can only help sell some WiiU's

thomasmiller1837d ago

This is the best pikmin game yet!! yeah, it's getting hi scores, but that doesn't mean anything to me... I don't trust the video game media.. I rent a game for myself, and judge it my self, but I have a feeling pikmin 3 is going to be worth the money I pay for it.. will rent it first, but I have a feeling I will be buying this one as well!!