Wii U to get "20-30" Indie Games by Holiday 2013; Is the Console Saved?

Kaboomshark writer Ryan"Rdawg" T writes - "By now, everyone has pretty much realized that the Wii U isn't exactly doing very well. Hell, the Wii outsold it's big brother recently, according to Nitendo's numbers. The Wii U has been a sinking ship since the day it hit shelves, but there is a reason for this. Most people would agree that the Wii U's biggest flaw lies not in its hardware (even though this flaw will come to fruition when the PS4 and XBone hit shelves his holiday season...), but in its library. There just haven't been enough high quality games coming out. That's not just AAA games for first party games, either. Without support from the indie scene (which generally serve alternatives between big releases), the Wii U has fallen short, especially when compared to PS3 and Xb360. However, Nintendo wants to change this."

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iamnsuperman1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

This is irrelevant (especially to the large majority who do not come here) as Nintendo needs to get Wii Us sold. Indies do not affect purchases when it comes to consoles. They never have. They are nice extras/further reasoning for a choice you have already made. Two big things are needed to sell consoles. One is big showy games that people are interested in. Things you use TV ad space for that slaps X console on the screen. The other is price. Nintendo needs to think of a price point that seems reasonable considering some big third party games are not coming to it but are to other competitive systems.

MoXxXi1809d ago

Lol, everything is irrelevant considering the fact that the PS4 and XBone are going to come out before Nintendo does anything that will move a large amount of consoles. Sidenote: One or two big shiny games not a library makes. Indie games could serve as a reason to keep consoles in peoples homes. I know a bunch of people who sold their Wii U because they had already played every game worth playing...

awesomeabe19981809d ago

This is great news! What are you talking about?! Nintendo did this so IF they run out of games and go on another drought which is most likely not possible they can support people with Indie's.

Oh yeah, Nintendo has the Wii U as almost their only console left to compete with a generation. By that i mean, look at Sony and Microsoft. They have two consoles competing(PS3/PS4 and XB360/XB1)If you want to buy a Nintendo game you can only buy it on one console. I am not buying a PS4 soon since most of the third parties I want are either on Wii U or on PS3.

GTA V, COD Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, AC 4, etc...

Wii U will do pretty damn good hopefully. It will get a boost because of the games coming out for it.

_QQ_1809d ago

I can't help but laugh when i see these articles, then laugh again after reading the same rehashed "nintendo is doomed and here is why" or "nintendo will be fine and here is why comments" why don't we just wait and see?

AbortMission1809d ago

Because speculating is fun

sdozzo1809d ago

It won't see 30 games by holidays let alone indie games.

Aces171809d ago

That is a funny title.

20-30 indie games saving a console???

Mounce1809d ago

Apparently Nintendo fans who buy Nintendo hardware who generally never buy Non-Nintendo games on their console for some reason will drop their controllers and throw money at their TV's because Nintendo offers them Non-Nintendo indie games.

Everyone knows Nintendos fanbase Never buys third-party games, that's their deranged flaw. Indie games won't do a damn bloody thing. If you want a place for people who respect Indie games it's on PSN and Steam.

AWBrawler1809d ago

eshop and dsiware begs to differ. a lot of those are indie games and sell well

Kevlar0091809d ago

The WiiU is a great console to develop for, if only more 3rd parties could see it. So many Devs are into the power aspect of systems that they won't even try if they can't get the best visuals. For many Devs Power>Gameplay, equal at best. The AAA mentality is the bane of the WiiU, among other things

Indies don't want huge power, they want a platform to express their ideas, the opportunity to make their dreams a reality. Rayman Legends exists because of what the WiiU offered to Ubi. Wonderful 101 will be an amazing game because of how far Platinum goes with their own ideas and the gamepad. It's what makes Nintendo so great at making games. They take what's given to them and they make the best of it, they know the capabilities inside and out to where only their own ideas can limit them. Nintendo is going to release one 90+ game after another for their system while a lot of 3rd parties are going to wonder why they can't make any good games for the WiiU that sell. Nintendo actually gives 2 fks about their system and will do whatever it takes to make the best content.

Shad0wRunner1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Developers are developing games for next gen consoles, with next gen specs. Thats where their focus is, right now. As it should be.

As a general rule, you dont enter a new gen of consoles with a current gen console...and thats basically what Nintendo is trying to do with the Wii U. People may label it as a next gen console, but the specs say otherwise. Especially when compared to the PS4 and XB1.

This makes multiplats a frustrating and nerve wracking endeavor for many devs, out there. It's like saying "We can make Assassins Creed: Black Flag for the Wii U...but we would have to cut a few corners, strip it down and gimp it up, specifically for the Wii U." In essence, it wouldnt be the SAME GAME or experience when compared to playing it on the PS4 or XB1. Those who want the FULL experience, will by the game on a more powerful console. It'll sell on the Wii U...just not as well.

The industry can not afford to "wait up" for Nintendo, just because they wanna lag behind with an inferior console.

It's not the dev's fault and they are not to blame. It's Nintendo's fault for going the direction they went with the Wii U.

Hopefully they will learn a lesson from all this.

NihonjinChick1809d ago

The industry had no problem waiting for the inferior Wii and PS2. The PS2 was weaker than the GC and Xbox and the Wii was weaker than the 360 and PS3. Guess who won those generations?

PopRocks3591809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


Oh, so there are written rules for what you can or cannot do in this industry now, is that it?

If all game companies had the same mentality as this, the industry in its current form would have crashed eons ago.

Nintendo's console has lower specs than the competition; so what? So did the PS2 and PS1. So did the Wii and DS. All of those were major winners in their respective generations.

Specs don't decide a generation; games do. If you're so gung-ho about specs, stop leaving the exact same comment in every single Wii U related article and go be a PC gamer.

Shad0wRunner1809d ago

I stand by my comment.

No matter how you wanna cut it, software on the Wii U will always be inferior to it's competitors.

The PS2 sold as well as it did, was mainly because it was the cheapest DVD player being sold on the market, at the time. (Again, hardware issue)

Another reason it sold so well, was because it launched before its competition and already had a pre existing library of games accumulated.

N4g_null1808d ago

By your standards not even ps4 or xbox 1 are good enough. You see there are whole video cards that completely blow those systems out of the water. By your stsndards developers would be clamoring to make shield games and cloud tech would make all upgrades irrelevant. I have laptops with more power than any next gen console yet we can play zbrush, 3d studio max, etc etc.....

there where only a few problems that needed to be fixed with the first gen hd consoles. Most of that has been fixed in the wiiu. Every thing else is marketing.

This so called full experience is only limited by the developers. It is not a hardware issue... if you are talking about graphics then you should know that even the ps4 or xbox will not give you the full pc experience since 2tflops are needed for most intense particle effects. Even the new mac pro desktop does like 7 tflops.

if you want to believe all the hype then please dont complain here when developers pull a fast one on you and viewers give bsd games high scores because of mobey bags.

please do not use the excuse of price ethier... you are still paying for inferior hardware yet claiming it is superior when it is not. You are also about to claim pc gaming is too expensive yet the industry doesnt need to wait on Nintendo. Im pretty sure Nintendo could match sony and ms spec since they both are using all the same hardware partners almost. Yet Nintendo choose to make an affordable console that they will not loose money on, yet this is not good enough for you or developers since you seem to be convered into a graphics whore or maybe judt maybe you haven't experienced what real gaming is or may have forgotten.

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AbortMission1809d ago

There should be a downgrade bubble for fanboyism because your comment takes the cake Lol

3rd parties are now lazy because they don't want to waste resources porting games onto a platform - Wii u - that they know their games will bomb at? Once again, take off the fanboy glasses and look at things at a business perspective. This is one of the big reasons why EA and even Ubisoft are pulling support of the Wii u. The sales numbers don't lie.

Wasting manpower trying to work with foreign hardware - just look at this thread on Neogaf and how damn complex that die is - and getting little sales as a result is hardly appealing.

You honestly believe 3rd parties are going to be 'mad-jelly' at Nintendo for making "better" Wii u games? A lot of them don't even care for the system and are porting their games either at the request of Nintendo or to test the waters and are putting far more effort into the current and next gen versions (see Sniper Elite and Batman Arkham Origins)

Some of you fanboys are so backwards and illogical in reasoning..

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