Sony Santa Monica Will Release New Patch and Costumes For PlayStation All-Stars

The PlayStation All-Stars community, as of recent, have been extremely vocal about the lack of support for the game and the community strategist of Sony Santa Monica, in response, has finally revealed new information on the future for this title.

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yewles11810d ago

First, the costumes are free, then the characters are next... this game is dying.

chrispseuphoria1810d ago

Well, at least we're getting a patch.

Rodney251809d ago

Hey, maybe it means, sequel. Gotta be optimistic.

Killzoner991810d ago

Awesome , I knew they weren't done supporting this game. Sorry haters. We know they have stages ready to go so new characters won't be far behind.

pacostacos1810d ago

sorry to break the news, but.... "There will not be any new DLC characters or environments released for PS All Stars. We were proud to work with SuperBot Entertainment and they created a great game, but the characters that have already been released to-date represent the full content for PS All Stars"

Dan_scruggs1810d ago

Try reading the article next time.

Killzoner991809d ago

Nobody believes that. Why would they stop supporting it? Do you really believe they don't have the resources to design a few characters for a fighting game lol? Trust me they have many more characters to add and it takes time to get the rights to third party characters.I know the trolls wish this game was dead but it's obvious that there's a lot of life left in this game.

Virus2011809d ago


Wait, so you don't believe that Sony Santa Monica will no longer add new DLC character or maps, even if they said it themselves?

I think you need to learn how to let go of the things you love.

DarkHeroZX1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Lol Killzoner they aren't adding any more characters or maps to the game. The only thing we will get are some new costumes and a much needed character balance. I don't know why you can't just accept that this game is done, it was confirmed right out of the. I own and Santa Monica's mouth. What's next? Sony's confirmation of the PS4's specs are going to be false too?

AirJohnston1809d ago

They're not putting in any new characters or stages because they don't want to take time away from GoW's multiplayer that no one likes.

Misaka_x_Touma1808d ago

oh so you came from the future so tell what next for this game

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freezola751810d ago

I disagree.. the game isn't dying... I love Allstars!!! Man I play it every day..

It could definitely use a patch.. The online is terrible at times I hope they release a patch to stabilize that too.

Too bad they won't be adding new fighters..

Allstars rocks yo... Hope we can get a sequel!

thelaughingwiseman1809d ago

disagreeing because he's supporting a game... really cool.

I also like the game. It's a very solid starting off point for PS A

_FantasmA_1809d ago

Whoa WTF? You said you like the game and you get thumbed down? Maybe you should say this game blows and get more likes? What is wrong with these people?
I used to play it everyday too but then I got pissed at the broken belt system. You have to win so much to go up in rank, but you lose 2 or 3 in row and then have to play for a day to just to get back to where you were. Still I'm hoping for a sequel.

andrewer1810d ago

Game Over. Let's see who will try SSB's might next.

chrispseuphoria1810d ago

It is not a Smash Bros is of the same fighting genre. There's a difference.

sloth33951809d ago

i think he is saying it like when it came to other games that have tried to be like Mario kart but just didn't live up to it

andrewer1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

sloth3395 is right...All Star... is a crossover fighting game by Sony, but this type of game is done best by Nintendo...since N64.
BTW sloth made me remind of LBP racing...what happened? Did it launch already?

Misaka_x_Touma1808d ago

So characters from a First Party Company fight each other on a stage, where items spawns, characters get KO in time, team or stock match, most KO wins, double jump, guard then roll, air dodge, both have a stage that scrolls up and stages from their games.

Sorry man but really

chrispseuphoria1808d ago

Yes, really. All of those aspects are a part of the genre. You don't say Tekken, Soul Calibur and Street Fighter are clones because they all have health bars or specials?


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Killzoner991809d ago

Nice try troll. This is by no means a Smash clone. In fact I bet Nintendo steals a few ideas from Allstars.

andrewer1809d ago

ROFL I laughed so much you have no idea... You made my day man haha

freezola751809d ago ShowReplies(1)
DigitalRaptor1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

It is a rip off in basic concept only.

Anyone who is still trying to paint the actual game so is more ignorant than I thought was possible. Completely different gameplay, completely different feel, completely different characters with unique abilities and mechanics, completely different online gameplay, and completely different tactics required to win, with a deeper level of strategy.

It's true that All-Stars owes itself to Smash Bros - even the developers have admitted that - but calling it a rip off is disingenuous when the same thing isn't applied to how other genres developed, and how some of people's favourite games were influenced by others.


Edit: Looking on your comment it doesn't look like you implied it was a rip off. I have definitely have had more fun with Smash Bros in the past, and I too think the recent games are more polished game than All-Stars was. If you didn't like it fair play, but in no way is All-Stars a poor game, and for its first outing did a damn fine job.

andrewer1809d ago

And I only meant that SSB is the best CROSS-OVER brawler, and that SSB is better in CROSS-OVER brawler than Allstars. I played allstars and didn't like it at all, so I'm not ignorant - I tried, hard.

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jukins1809d ago

Cool even as unbalanced as it is still a fun game good to see a patch is coming.

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