PS4 Proves More Popular than Xbox One as Release Approaches

GBM writes: "To gauge consumer interest we compare the search trends for the Xbox One, PS3 and Wii U in Google Trends. This is not a survey of potential buyers, but data on what consumers are searching for in Google."

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pedrof931844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

It's been a while actually.

Well actually PlayStation wins in the most essential aspects.

Price (above all) and design.

This is what is more important to average consumer.

Personally Xbox as better exclusive launch line up. But then again Playstation has Killzone that being a multi-player game will make people play for longer.

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trywizardo1844d ago

titanfall have multiplayer RYSE have multiplayer forza 5 have multiplayer dead rising 3 have multiplayer

Tatsuya 1844d ago

Ain't nothing going to crash this HYPE train boys!

Choo2,... all aboard!

CuddlyREDRUM1843d ago

You should get an avatar of someone who works in gaming.

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WorldGamer1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Dat Price.....

I think the price will make the difference this Holiday season.

I have 2 PS4's on reserve and one will be ready to ship to one of you poor suckers who didn't reserve any of your own, for a price naturally. I live to serve. lol.

blackbeld1844d ago

Exactly... Das price.

PS4 it is... my wallet is ready.

The_Sneauxman1843d ago

With the PS4 camera..

My body is ready

DEEBO1844d ago

laugh now,cry later is how the saying goes.back in 2006 if you were sony fan on this site the xbox fanboys would have tar&feathered you but now the tables's been a long time coming but change gone come.some of the older members on this site knew this would happen(me included) but that jump the 360 had give them the big look at the situation,ps3 passed the 360,ps4 is more popular then the x1 and N4G is sony headquarters.

Grown Folks Talk1844d ago

People still telling this lie. This site was Sony headquarters in 2006 same as it is now. 6 Sony Soldiers for every 1 Xbox fan in every Microsoft article.

HammadTheBeast1844d ago


"Sony soldiers"

"Xbox fans"

No bias here, right?


Totally agree with you, I used to lurk this site back then b4 I became a member and it was not like Deebo and others are trying to put it.

This site has ALWAYS been a Sony fans stomping ground, the fans of both consoles was just a little more even back then. Now, you cannot sneeze a good word about Microsoft without being crucified by the masses.

Not choosing sides but come on guys lets be real about the situation.

WorldGamer1844d ago

I'll bite MELMAN26

"This site has ALWAYS been a Sony fans stomping ground, the fans of both consoles was just a little more even back then. Now, you cannot sneeze a good word about Microsoft without being crucified by the masses."

You completely contradict yourself, how can you say that this site was Sony stomping grounds, then in the same sentence you assert that "fans of both consoles was just a little more even back then"? So, you are basically saying that it was a level playing field? I don't get your point.

Overall, I believe that MS has done their reputation a disservice, and CONSUMERS reacted in kind and supported Sony. There is really no one they need to blame but themselves.

I really don't believe there is a conspiracy, I just think that there are more people that see the value in Sony's product over MS. And as has been stated before, the price point, as well as the MS shenanigans haven't served to help that situation for MS either.

Grown Folks Talk1844d ago

@Hammad I readily admit I favor Xbox gaming. Go find me hopping in Sony articles making up shit & bashing it just for the sake of bashing.

I have no problem pointing out the hypocritical crap Microsoft gets bashed for here daily, that all of a sudden is no problem if it's Sony. The ram rumor is a perfect example. 5 gigs was so horrible for Xbox, but when it was thought it might be 5 for PS4, then it's more than enough.

This site has been pro Sony from the day I set foot here, but people keep up this BS "used to be a MS site" lie. Compare how many people that favor MS that have more than 5 bubbles vs those who favor Sony.

MRMagoo1231844d ago

LOL this place was xbox fan heaven even in 2007 when i joined how could it have been sony land since 2006? I can go back to my history and still see all the same xbone fans there talking crap all day like POG and The mart, this place was full of xbone tards for ages, now the tides have changed and ps4 will easily dominate the world for gaming its already started.

Jury1843d ago

I never used to post much on this site but I lurked around here when the ps3 was released and this site was just nothing but Sony bashing. I was a playstation employee at the time(nothing important) and found it really disheartening to read it all.

Sony is doomed!! Etc
Ps3 will never catch the 360 etc

It wasnt just the articles, but the comments were all negative towards Sony

I love that Sony has turned it around.

The_Sneauxman1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

False! During the PS3's first year release, that's when I came snooping around, N4G was nothing but PS3 sucks, Xbox360 Forevaz.. I don't want to hear about how N4G is Sony's stomping ground, they were the ones getting stomped on and now it seems a bit justified that M$ failed and tried to gain ground.

I'm completely fine with how this rollercoaster has panned out

Sevir1843d ago

Grown Folks, you lie, first off, This site was called something else in 2005-2006. The war was extremely even and heat until the PS3 got it's price announced then it became a total waste land.

The comments was ran by people like the mart, Power Of Green, Firstknight basin and various others who bashed the PS3's high prices, called every ps3 game bland and colorless and threw around the popular, "it has no games" and "Sony never shows actual gameplay just CGI trailers"

N4G didn't become this till 2007 and by then the shift didn't change to a more balance field until Uncharted Came out and people saw that the PS3 wasn't so doomz, and games were grey bland and colorless.

This place is a haven now for Sony fans because the vast majority of changes happened to put the Xbox fans back in place, fact, the 360 stopped getting quality exclusives after 2009 while Sony ramped up their production on them, MS put out more Kinect games which people on here hated and finally, the PS3 overtook MS in market share worldwide dispute selling at a higher cost...

And you know what I think... The fans that were subject to the constant bashing deserve to bash the crap out of the Xbox zealot that bashed them.

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TheTwelve1844d ago

I remember the days when 360 was king here. Then the RRODs happened. =)

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