Arkham City Ditching its GFWL DRM?

Some major changes to the Batman: Arkham City Steam entry seems to imply that the second Rocksteady-developed Batman game will soon lose its DRM.

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Software_Lover1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

How can it have steam........ and lose it's DRM?

I never saw the problem with GFWL once they dropped the idea of making pc gamer pay. I like it. When I load a game, it pops up as do the achievements. When I close a game, it goes away. It was never in the way. It never took over my pc. It wasn't cumbersome. I start GTA IV through steam, I play the game, never even knew GFWL started up, I close the game.

allgamespc20121875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

you must be a microsoft fanboy then, cause a real pc gamer would never take gfwl over steam. hell, theyll take no drm with no cheevos or anything over gfwl.

gfwl is broken, abandoned and the migration to steamworks means not only stats, but server wise, so the games will last and when gfwl finally shuts down which is what is going to happen, the games will be saved.

gfwl is an atrocious drm with no security, anyone can hack it and do as they please with no bannable offenses. Sorry Kid, keep participating

Software_Lover1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Hold up

1)Where did I say I would take GFWL over steam? I just want to see where that is so please point that out for me

2)I buy all my pc games through steam. I have said this on multiple occasions in the past. I have more steam games than ps3/360 games combined.

3)Steam games that I buy, some of them have come with GFWL and I haven't had any problems with the. GTA IV and BATMAN to name a few.

awi59511875d ago

It is a problem i lost my game save on the first batman game after microsoft did a stupid update that made my save unrecoverable.

cyguration1875d ago

Well good for you. Because of GFWL there are some games I've paid for and CANNOT play at all because there's a glitch where it won't save the progress to the profile. There is no fix, there is no patch and I'm not going to format my hard drive to try to get it working.

Anyone who supports GFWL supports the death of gaming because the only way to get some stuff working is to pirate the game.

Thanks Microsoft for trying to kill PC gaming with GFWL.

Coaster ftw.

oIITSBIIo1875d ago

Fuck GFWL I hope I don't see it in Arkham Origin or DS2 .

Smashbro291875d ago

But will it also be removed from Arkham Asylum?