What are your plans when you get the PS4?

The site What is PlayStation 4 is curious about what your plans are when you receive the PlayStation 4. Unboxing video? Marathon? What ritual or routine do you do for console launches?

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Homegamer1874d ago

Simple if school is that day call in sick and plan ahead so I can have a day off for work, play games while I wait for downloadables to finish then play them, it's gonna be a good day

IraqCombatVet1874d ago

Do you have any rituals or traditions for a console release?

xHeavYx1874d ago

First I'll pick up my jaw off the floor, then I'll play some amazing games

Homegamer1874d ago

Nah this is my first time getting a console on day one, I just like to have it all planned out and ready so I can enjoy that day

darthv721874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I have never pre-orderd a console. Games, yes but never a console.

In fact i remember getting the call about Halo 2 back in the day. i stopped by GS on my way to work and played that game at work on my lunch break. We had an xbox (among other systems) hooked to a big screen hitachi TV and my boss came in and tried it out as well.

good times....good times.

With the ps4 i plan on enjoying what it has to offer. Drive club is my kind of racing game and i look forward to giving that a go.

Thehyph1874d ago

@MizTv while I might not be too far removed from doing the same, you still get a disagree from me. Don't make yourself look like a joke. It makes us all look bad.

Some props for not using 420 in your name though. The only people I ever knew who did that were other kids I played counter strike with when I was fifteen, and none of them had ever touched the stuff.

Wow, just had one of those moments. I was playing counter strike 12 years ago. Scary

MWong1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

LOL @ Name
Hope you use protection, sticky insides won't be covered under warranty.

Look at it for about 20 minutes and talk dirty to it. Then I'll put it on the top shelf of my gaming cabinet. Finally I'll, start the download process for Super Ponchos, Warframe, DCUO and DriveClub, put in BF4 and start killing people.

crxss1874d ago

play the sh!t out of it

BABY-JEDI1874d ago

I will order some weed from MizTv cause he seems to know about a lot of sh*t. The I shall pu Killzone Shadowfall In the disk tray & thank god for being such a good gut!

jujubee881874d ago

I'll look at the hardware before plugging it in. I'll explore the PS4 OS and settings. Than, I'll go to the Playstation Store and download free stuff.

I'll spruce up my account and profile stuff while waiting.

I'll play a few mins of the retail game(s) I bought that day, feel how the Ds4 is in the process. Switch over to remote-play on my psvita to see how that goes.

Than, get on with life. No matter when PS4 releases, I'll probably have to do so much other stuff at the end of the year.

.......Oh, and I will probably cap the launch night off with some remote-play in bed. Just because. ;-)

TXIDarkAvenger1874d ago

Probably going to use it as paper weight until a year passes when it has games.

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ABizzel11874d ago

Setup my account, download all the demos and F2P games, pop in Killzone and prepare for 5+ years of fun.

Campy da Camper1873d ago

Lol I suspect there is going to be a HUUUUGE bottleneck on Sony store band with. Got ACBF and watchdogs just in case.....

aceitman1874d ago

call out , not , waiting for the launch date and im taking off 3 days

Tatsuya 1873d ago

Unbox it, kiss and hug it's sexy body and finally hold that DS4 in my hand. I want to experience heaven on earth and this is it!

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HammadTheBeast1874d ago

Download all free games, beast out some KZ multi player.

IraqCombatVet1874d ago

I've never played any KZ multiplayer. I wasn't a big muliplayer person till I played Battlefield 3. Just curious but is there something special about KZ muliplayer that sets it apart from others?

slimeybrainboy1874d ago

Other than the different style of gameplay, not really. They have a mode where it cycles through game modes within a single match, domination to death match to capture the flag etc. Theres a couple of futuristic gadgets and stuff but it's relatively normal multiplayer.

blackbeld1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Yep, those graphics...

Action and AI.

HammadTheBeast1874d ago

Well it's interesting. The mechanics are spot on, and the game has a weighty feel a bit like BF3's.

I'd say Killzone 2 had the best multiplayer if you want to check out some game play of it. Killzone 3 had Jet packs, Mechs etc. But mechanics weren't as great, people just spammed drones.

Allsystemgamer1874d ago

Not special but it's just well refined for its gameplay. It works flawlessly.

Blackdeath_6631874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

KZ2 had the best multiplayer have played this gen KZ3 however is just your regular multiplayer mode and while i love it and always go back to it its not something that i can say is different from any other game. killzone fans are pretty active online i played KZ2 multiplayer many years after release so you might want to give it ago. i don't have too much hope for KZ:SF multiplayer my expectations are set low from fear of being disappointed.

MizTv1874d ago

Kz2 mp is the best out there
I'm my opinion

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IraqCombatVet1874d ago

The first game I'll play is Killzone: Shadowfall simply because the February gameplay reveal blew me away and I'm interested to see what they are able to do with the power of PS4 at their disposal.

ABeastNamedTariq1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Ohhh buddy, I'm definitely skipping school the next day, inviting a friend over when I get it at midnight, and we'll eat pizza and marvel at Killzone and Battlefield. Then I'll spend the next week getting use to the OS, and playing games of course.

P.S. - I'll also be downloading the free games from PS+. And playing Watch Dogs.

ABeastNamedTariq1874d ago

I also can't forget the slow unboxing and examination of the console and its components. I'll stare at the console, rub the not glossy part (I'm trying to make that sound not weird lol), and hold the controller. Then I'll set that baby up. Can't wait! PS3 is going in my room, while the 4 goes in the living room. There..that's where greatness awaits *tears up*!

TheOneEyedHound1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I am going to buy some cigarettes, Dr. Peppers and a big bag of Funyuns.

TheOneEyedHound1874d ago

And the next day invite my friends to play Killzone SF or just invite them in a game if they did end up buying a Ps4.

Pizza Is a Must! Thank god I live near the best Italian Pizzera.

Ketzicorn1874d ago

Cigarette,pizza and funyun breath I hope you still have friends after that...jk