J-Stars: Victory Vs – Meisuke Nueno (Rumor)

Ao Kaizoku: Meisuke Nueno from a series called Hell Teacher Nube was announced to be in J-Stars: Victory Vs!

Recently on Twitter, the illustrator of Hell Teacher Nube mentioned about Meisuke Nueno joining in the cross over game for the 45th Anniversary of Shonen Jump.

It is still however a rumor at the moment. Hopefully the Weekly Shonen Jump will eventually confirm Meisuke Nueno to be in J-Stars: Victory Vs.

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admiralvic1876d ago

I believe he is in the game, but hard to say if he was playable. He might just be a support character like in JUS, though I would without a doubt main him!

ZoroS31876d ago

Yeah I agree with you. :D

Xof1876d ago

Has Yusuke Urameshi been confirmed yet? He's the only character I need to transform this game from a "maybe buy if price cut" to a "day 1 import."

miyamoto1876d ago

I feel your spirit gun very much, Xof.

I am desperate to see Vegeta and Hiei have a legitimate square off with their pointed hair dos.

If that happens all hell will break loose.

oh and include Sasuke into this 3-way royal rumble too

ZoroS31876d ago

For now we should just wait patienly, new characters will get confirmed each by each.

ZoroS31876d ago

I hope soon he will be confirmed. We need to wait and see who they are going to add next :D

sherimae24131876d ago

omg! please be one of the main characters! ^_^ nyuuuuubeee!