EverQuest Next needs to be 'kickass on PC first,' before considering PS4 port

EverQuest Next truly impressed when it was officially unveiled at SOE Live today. While it's currently planned for PC only, it seems inevitable that a PS4 port will be announced. It is developed by Sony, after all.

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Homegamer1598d ago

I'm all for this then the game will be properly developed instead of being rushed, still doesn't make me any less excited for it to come to the ps4 eventually

MWong1598d ago

Agreed this current console cycle has suffered from some pretty half-assed ports. Take your time, next-gen has a load of RPG's coming out, no rush.

wynams1598d ago

I kept waiting for EQ to come to PS3, but it never did.

Even if it's bad day 1, bring this to PS4 ASAP SICK OF WAITING!!

HebrewHammer1598d ago

Oh come on... If Bethesda can bring ESO to three platforms, SOE can bring EQNext to two...

thebigman1598d ago

Not to mention FF14 coming to PS3 and PS4 on top of reenvisioning the PC version

DeadlyFire1597d ago

It will be on PS4. SOE has already decided that. They just won't say it until its time to do so. The game isn't launching for at least another 6-12+ months anyway.

ZeroX98761598d ago

well, PC gamers were the one to support Everquest first and lead it to what it is as of today, a great franchise.

I'm happy to see they're focusing PC first, but leaving the door open for a PS4 release when the PC version is perfect.

When Skyrim DLCs were announced first on 360 then PC/PS3, I was freaking angry. Pc gamers were the first to invest in this and Never stopped to do so. Microsoft tends to forgot that PC gaming is strong on their platform (windows) and it should stay that way by releasing some of their games on it (ryse, forza, halo, gears, etc.).

Windows is still microsoft, so releasing those games on PC just means more profit. And no, a PC release wouldn't affect X1 game sales that much. PC and PS4/X1 is a very much different community.

6DEAD6END61598d ago

They need to bring this to the PS4, it's a no brainier.

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