Emotions in Video Games

This week, Mona and Maie look to Call of Duty Dog as a truly innovative way to incorporate an emotional experience in games. Mona and Maie also (more seriously) discuss the heart-wrenching trauma that is The Last of Us, cry over The Walking Dead, and ruminate on the musical genius found in Assassin’s Creed 2.

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Murad1837d ago

Wow this is weird. N4G says this article has a 70 degree heat, but coming to this article itself, it says it's 40 D:. O well, good article non the less. I enjoyed it.

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PeEsFour1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

You know, i played The Last Of Us yesterday and i only cried about 14 times.

Ripsta7th1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Yes TLOU showed emotion at is finest ! Love that game, Unchated didnt do well tho

Septic1837d ago

Yeah very few games made me emotionally invested into a character like TLOU did.

MGS1 on PS1 did a really good job when Sniper Wolf was taking pot shots at an incapacitated Meryl. That was heart-rending.

I think the Mass Effect games were quite good in that you cared for your comrades, especially seeing as you could determine their fate (to an extent).

black0o1837d ago

and enslaved as well .. but my 1st was FF7

Xof1837d ago

I get more emotional with older games than the more modern ones. All the heightened fidelity does is make the flaws in writing and presentation more visible.

Back when we only had crude 3D models or sprites to go with, we were forced to supplement the games' presentation with our own imaginations, effectively smoothing over most or all of the flaws in character, narration, or presentation.

That's why I would (handily) claim that any two hours worth of Final Fantasy 6 is worth all of the combined hours of every single AAA game released this generation.

devwan1837d ago

I was forever holding back a tear playing Missile Command. The inevitable death of every last human throughout 6 whole cities... oh the futility. I'm welling up just thinking back...

FRAKISTAN1837d ago

What about MGS4 The game of the generation. It caused alot of stirring, especially that microwave scene