Ambiguous Endings Shouldn’t Be Feared

Game Informer - Video game storytelling has grown tremendously. In less than 40 years, we've gone from two ping-pong paddles and a ball to full-blown narratives, multidimensional characters, and complex themes. I love watching people dissect modern games and come away with different interpretations, and that developers even hide secret messages for the most dedicated players to unravel. Despite this, many gamers haven't reacted well to non-traditional storytelling and cryptic endings.

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itBourne1841d ago

Well at least one person finally agrees with me, the Last of Us does not need a sequel!

rdgneoz31841d ago

If they did anything, they could really work with that 20 year time gap. They could explore the relationships between many of the characters, as well as the period of time when all hell just started to break loose.

malol1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

first of all

i finally played this game and really loved it
it does deserve what ever praise it got.

and second
to me the ending was a cliff hanger, not a major one but it still keeps lots of ideas and possibilities open.

i DO think this game needs a sequel to conclude the faith of Joel and Ellie.

itBourne1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

The ended was left like that on purpose! Like many other things in the game there is supposed to be an interpretation there, left up to the player. If you add to that it takes away interpretation and says no you were wrong, this is how it was. Which is not what ND wanted, Niel and Bruce even said they didnt want to say their interpretation of things because it would ruin the experience that players had.

miyamoto1840d ago

"Video game storytelling has grown tremendously"

Thanks to Naughty Naughty Dog!

Jak and Daxter
The Last of Us

All have great story telling

Yehshuah1841d ago

the reason for the last of us's ending was because

a. naughty wants money so they're doing a sequel
b. the walking dead stole the ending they wanted so they ran outta idea

malol1840d ago

o you are just talking out of your ass.

i played both games and the endings on both games are great.

while we may feel the concept of both games is pretty close both stories and gameplay/genre is all different.

in an AMA on Reddit ND said that they went with this ending because it felt true to the story, something i do agree with them on.

mike32UK1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Ambiguous endings have nothing to do with sequels for me. They are great as a nice change from hollywood cliche (two of my favourite recent films had ambiguous endings; Another Earth and Sound of my Voice). The problem is that when people jump on the ambiguous ending bandwagon it will become over saturated and seem like less of a welcome change and more of an annoyance.