How Do You Tell A Developer To Their Face That Their Game Sucks?

Kotaku - Everyone's got an opinion on everything, but how do you confess straight to someone's face that you dislike something they made? It can possibly be an awkward experience, but in today's Ask Kotaku I dive in to how I deal with those situations.

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PIRGANEK1879d ago


cyguration1879d ago

Yeah it's not like they deserve to be put on a pedestal or anything.

If someone's game or movie or music sucks and they ask you about it, you can just politely tell them "Sorry but your game sucks more hairy monkey balls than a zookeeper with a dirt devil."

Kyosuke_Sanada1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

The thing is when few journalist do inform of how bad their game is, you hear of them being lockout from future game events or call them entitled and whiners. I think a better question is how should developers deal with critique?

zerocrossing1879d ago

Exactly, no wonder so many gamers distrust developers when they lock out journalist for having a negative opinion of their game.

rezzah1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

You gives analytic reasons for your distaste, and ask for their reasons for doing what they did. You be respectful and objective to things. Look at areas for improvements and such. Something to check out is the level of passion for one's ow work and the influence of business decisions.

Those ready to should "your game sucks" to a person face, that spent years on the said title, have yet to grow mentally.

Hicken1879d ago

This. Fish didn't provide anything critical to say WHY Japan's games suck, according to him. He was just being an ass.

If he was being serious and professional, he would have had some sort of quantifiable critique, rather than the... outburst he spouted.

zerocrossing1879d ago

How do you tell Kotaku their site sucks? by not giving it hits...

dcj05241879d ago

Tell them why you didn't like the game and then how to improve it. Don't just say IT SUUUUUUUCKS. How does that help them make a better game?

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