Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U Sales Seen Falling Short Of Previous-Gen Consoles

While the Wii U continues to flounder, the video game industry is looking to Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 to boost the market as sales continue to slide. A forecast released recently by ABI Research paints a somewhat disheartening picture though, as it estimates that combined Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U sales over their first five years of availability will fall short of Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 sales over the same period of time.

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Thatguy-3101877d ago

thought that the pre-orders were easily outpacing the ones from last gen? I dont think the Xbox one and PS4 will suffer the same fate that the wii u did. Plus let's just say that last Gen was such a success because of the introduction to casual gaming. I can see the ps4/xbox one passing the 70 million mark while as wii u barely reaching the 50 million mark.

Dlacy13g1877d ago

This report erroneously paints a grim picture for the entire industry. The reality is the failures of the WiiU are the element that needs to be addressed. It is falling WELL short of its sales targets. It also is considered to be a "next gen" machine by many press circles thus why its negative numbers paint a bad "industry" picutre when you look at forecast for the industry overall.

Tony-A1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I understand why one would see the next generation sales not performing as well as this generation did, but I don't think the Wii U is a good indicator of that.

The next-gen of consoles arrived last year and no one outside of the dedicated enthusiasts even know about it. I think some of it has to do with the name of Nintendo's newest console. On the other hand, if people outside of the industry hear about PlayStation 4 after 7 years of hearing PlayStation 3, I would think they'd assume that a new wave of technology is coming.

Besides, aren't pre-order sales of the XBO and especially PS4 much higher than their predecessors, like dboyc310 said?

I don't really see this generation doing any worse than the 6th generation. The 7th generation might be an exception, due to the overwhelming interest from the casual market, but I don't see this gen doing any worse than those before it.

darthv721877d ago

the misconception of pre-orders is that they are representative of a long lasting appeal.

What they are is equal to the quick out of the gate type of sales. Like getting a turbo boost at the start of a mario kart race. it lasts for a short time but the rest of the race you still need to keep pace or you will be passed up by other racers (or hit by that damn blue shell).

okay that may be a bad analogy but it isnt so much about how well these systems sell in the pre-order phase but in the overall long run of the generation.

If they fall short of expectations then it means the expectations were beyond real attainable values. If there is one thing that can cause a ripple in traditional gaming would be the consistent rise in popularity of mobile entertainment.

Maybe it isnt something to take seriously now but over the next few years, mobile devices will get more support because the user base is increasing exponentially each year. The lack of direct input (buttons) does not seem to be throwing off companies who are creatively finding ways to adapt.

I prefer traditional gaming but i can accept the convenience that mobility is offering as well.

ZeroX98761877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

The thing with the Wii U is that when it was released, the only graphically impressive titles were multiplat games that were releasing on PS3/X360 also. I know waht some of you guys would say "well graphics aren't everything!!!"
well, if graphics aren't everything, why does Nintendo even bother changing the hardware? same for Sony and Microsoft?

the reason is better performance and a up-to-date hardware is required for this.

Maybe what Nintendo says is true about the Wii U not being way underpowered than the PS4/X1 but no launch games made me feel like it was a next gen console. My personal opinion though, maybe some of you guys saw something I didn't, but I wasn't impressed.

I asked a bunch of people if they knew what was a Wii U, most of them didn't know there's was a new Wii on the market.

we'll probably see more Wii U sales when smash bros comes out and the new mario kart, but until then, I would gladly point someone toward the PS4/X1 over the Wii U, depending on it's wanted features.

stuna11877d ago


I agree concerning the WII success! IMO it has skewed the number for this coming generation due to the fact that this coming generation for the most part will be core focused on three core systems, This generation was largely a mixed bag! And it showed by how well the WII sold.

I'm not saying the WII didn't offer core offerings, it just was more casual centric, and that proven by who bought the console. I would go as far to say 40% to 45% are casuals who account for the 100 million sells

aceitman1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

think xboxone will have a tough time with price and parents looking at x1 with Kinect ah we have xbox360 with Kinect already we don't need another one the same way parents look at the wiiu oh its just a hd wii . no trolling im hearing it already from guys at work.

OrangePowerz1877d ago

Wow they can predict the next 5 years, I should give them a call for the lottery numbers.

TKCMuzzer1877d ago

No one can predict this kind of thing....economy changes, trends in social activity. All kind of factors come into play. Also, surely like many, I am getting fed up with mobile gaming, it's all the same thing over and over. I think the industry is ready for the next gen and it seems they many are excited about it.

clouds51877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

For me personally the problem is backwards compatibility. I'd buy the ps4 in a heartbeat if I knew it would play ps3 games. As I did with the wiiu. I gave my wii to a friend and now have one system that plays all my old wii classics and my new wii u stuff.
I didn't have a ps3 and there are a few games that I would like to play but I'm not willing to buy a ps3 just for those 3 titles.

You get my point... Even now with Gta 5 only being released on ps3 and half of other interesting titles coming to both ps3 and ps4, the ps3 is more attractive to me.

bjmartynhak1877d ago

Well, I'll keep my PS3 for some time. Gaikai might be able to solve your issue, though we still need to know how it will work: subscription or per game.

mushroomwig1877d ago

Personally I'm glad it doesn't include BC, the cost of adding in the cell would bump up the price of the PS4 by too much.

clouds51877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

You are right, I understand their decision and its probably the right one :) But it sucks! And it will probably prevent me from buying a PS4 in the launch period. My goal is to play the games I like, I don't care which system their on... Atm I'm playing Kindom Hearts II on PS2, TLOU on PS3, Starcraft 2 and Just Cause 2 (I will never stop playing that awesome game!!!) on my PC and Final Fantasy VII on my Smartphone (emulator, because I can).
Long story short, the xb1 and ps4 offer VERY little games that I want to play.
Now don't get me wrong the WiiU does as well, but with backwards compatibility and off-TV gameplay and Virtual Console (Earthbound!) it already has enough to offer for me because I can still play Donkey Kong/Mario/Zelda and other amazing wii titles with my wife.

I can see me getting a PS4 in the future, if they implement any way to play PS3 games via streaming or whatever I get one instantly but now? It doesnt offer me enough, because as a PC gamer I have next gen graphics since a few years :/

kewlkat0071877d ago

Quite frankly, I just do not think the next-gen consoles will be a huge huge leap...There is no single important reason to get these new consoles at the beginning.

If your just looking for a spec bump in graphics and a little better physics, then sure but at the end of the day, it will be based on the value of what your getting and what you can do that sets them apart.

These consoles will be here for a while so they are going to have to bring more than just games. It's not like they are scalable.

Hicken1877d ago

There's one single important reason to get these new consoles: they're not the current consoles.

That's why people always get them at the beginning, and that's the only real reason anyone needs.

kewlkat0071877d ago

I bet you most console makers don't hedge their bets on winning on the hardcore gamer. Profits are not made early in the game.Mass adoption happens much later. With that comes more software purchase obviously.

Hicken1877d ago

If they don't "hedge their bets" on winning the core, there's a problem.

Do you know why so many make the distinction between core and casual gamers?

It's because casual gamers aren't assured. They propelled the Wii into the stratosphere, but are nowhere to be found, when it comes to the Wii U.

No, profits are not made, but an established base IS developed early in the game. There won't be any such thing as mass adoption if the core don't take to the device in significant amounts early on.

So while the core may not directly bring in the most money, they ARE and always will be the most important market, the ONLY ones to hedge your bets on.

kewlkat0071876d ago

Have you ever seen a console not sell out or sell their first manufactured batches the first year or so?

While establishing a base is very important with the Hardcore, its always a given a console will sell at launch. Even with high price points, lack of launch games, high prices.

My whole point, which is a wait to be seen, these next-gen consoles coming soon might not see the swift sales as it did with the current-gen. Again, there is still great games to be played currently and some might wait a little while to purchase the new consoles.

Not being backwards compatible also lengthens the life of the current-gen consoles.

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