Atlus' Future Hangs in the Balance

CCC: Development companies come and go every day in the gaming industry. Success is fickle, and who is on top one day can be filing for bankruptcy the next. However, once a developer or publisher has made a name for themselves, instead of dying off and fading away into the pages of history, they are normally bought out or absorbed by another parent company. Thus is the imminent fate of Atlus, the game developer/publisher famous for the long-running Persona/Shin Megami Tensei series, Catherine, and the soon-to-be released Dragon’s Crown.

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zerocrossing1838d ago

Whatever happens I just hope we get to see more great games from these talented devs.

Donnieboi1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Praying for Gung Ho or Kadokawa Group Holdings to buy them. Holding group relationships are how Atlus has been allowed to work fairly independently (Index was their Holding company--meaning they don't get overly involved in Atlus's projects, they just support them), as opposed to a traditional publisher. It would be even better than the traditional 3rd party publisher (and especially better than how 1st parties work) way of doing things. That way it can stay as a Parent company-to-subsidiary relationship, which would allow Atlus to still remain the same--publishing games, making their own games, and still continue their film, manga, and audio soundtrack divisions.

The benefits of this kind of relationship benefits the current way Atlus handles things, a lot better than does being owned by another 3rd game publisher or 1st party. Holding companies are interest mostly in holding the majority stock, so for the most part they won't try to block the release of a game or anything. They just put their trust in their subsidiaries (Atlus in this case). And Kadokawa Group Holdings would especially benefit as they are into other things like manga, animation, and other stuff Atlus loves to do. Plus they publish games. Gung Ho is also interested in lots of different things, and acts as mostly a parent company would to it's subsidiary studios (like Grasshopper Manufacture)

PSNintyGamer1837d ago

Hope a third party buys it.

dcj05241837d ago

As much as I want persona 5 on a playstation console it would be best for atlus to stay third party.