EA-Unreal Engine deal "one of the biggest we've done," says Rein

In an exclusive interview with videogaming247, Epic VP Mark Rein has hinted that today's Unreal Engine 3 deal with EA - in which the publisher extended its license to use the development suite beyond the five UE3 games it already has in production - was a sizeable one, and possibly the largest tech deal in the developer's history.

"It's significantly more than five more games," said Rein. "It's pretty important, yeah. I think it's one of the biggest engine license deals we've done."

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Skerj3902d ago

And that would be where the majority of Epic's income comes from.

funkysolo3902d ago

The unreal engines sux for 3rd party....There is maybe one or 2 games that actually produce decent graphics using the Unreal3...There is 10x more games that look worst..look at R6, turok, area51 and many more games...I rather see a developer start from scratch or license a real next gen engine from SONY for multi platform games...I like Gears but that is the only game that really looks good using unreal3...

bumnut3901d ago

hour of victory is the finest looking game, it also has the greatest level design and ai known to man.

awesome game

JOKE - obviously

XXXRATED3902d ago

like he says above ue3 is last gen junk repackaged and polished it is horrible online and in the hands of ea it will be the worse gaming experience ever do not buy this ea junk as it will be a waste of your $.

George Washington3902d ago

omg... this better not be what i think it is... unreal engine 3 EA exclusive...

HydroBoy3902d ago

other games that use Unreal engine look poo ..Unreal engine is more suited for Epic them selves and theri games like Gears & UTIII kinda world .. it just looks poo on other games, im startin to get sick of hearin that unreal engine poo thingy lol

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