Check Out 125 Screencaps, 7 Trailers and the Relevant Info From the EverQuest Next Unveiling

EverQuest Next was just unveiled by Sony Online entertainment, at long last, with a lot of interesting footage and artwork, not to mention some really cool development concepts.

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Godmars2901663d ago

Should we begin the count to a PS4 announcement?

Abriael1663d ago

Yeah, that's almost a given.

Carheadbutt1662d ago

That was confirmed weeks ago

riverstars861662d ago

No official announcement yet.....

majiebeast1662d ago

Pretty much a given it runs on the same engine as Planetside 2. Plus every SOE product is gonna support PS4 they said that yesterday.

Watari3211663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS AMAZING

Abriael1663d ago

The only thing that kind of irks me is the art style. It looks a LOT like next generation wow...

the rest is awesome, but it'll take me some adjustment to play characters looking like that.

Carheadbutt1662d ago

It's a bit of a let down, but not too much

Carheadbutt1662d ago

SO AMAZING. I can't believe the world creator!