Iwata: New StreetPass Mii Plaza games have been successful despite lack of promotion


Nintendo recently pushed out four new StreetPass Mii Plaza games to little fanfare. For the most part, advertising was all but non-existent. Only recently did Nintendo prepare a Japanese commercial for one of the releases, Warrior’s Way – several weeks after the new offerings launched.

Despite the lack of promotion, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has reconfirmed that the new StreetPass Mii Plaza games have performed well financially. In just the span of a month, sales of the software reached 400 million yen.

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RememberThe3571808d ago

Thats a little more than $4 million, they're going to need more than that to keep this platform healthy.

AWBrawler1808d ago

smh. pessimistic comments like these are getting so old and annoying. Nintendo truly is in a damed if they do damned if they don't situation.

LAWSON721808d ago

Oh they need more, they already have quality titles with more coming and a nice price tag. The state of the 3ds is more than healthy and getting better and more popular every year

duducus1808d ago

For 4 little street pass games...

AbortMission1808d ago

And the funny part is, Iwata states that little advertising was spent as if that was a good thing. They obviously don't understand how much advertising helps seeing as how they dropped out of the E3 state in favor of internet streams that no one other than fanboys and game journalists watch.

Sometimes, I wonder if monkeys run Nintendo's ad department Lol. They seriously need to step up their game if they even want to survive the onslaught of next gen consoles

TheEvilWithin1808d ago

Last I checked Nintendo was at E3. Try to look a little harder next time before you start spreading negative comments about Nintendo.

Oh and Nintendo is next gen but since its not spreading lies about the powerz of the cloudz or throwing around 8 gigs of ram in there system there for it can't be next gen.

Iwata is just saying Nintendo didn't even need to advertise the street pass games and they made 4 Million from it. He's not saying anywhere that advertising is not needed to show case the Wii U or games.

AbortMission1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Lol I clearly said they dropped out of the E3 STAGE, not the event itself.

I don't care if it's Nintendo's "next gen system". It has current gen hardware specs comparable to the 360 and has inferior ports that are similar to the current gen versions. It's not getting next gen 3rd party games and developers have stated multiple times how sub-par the hardware is. I don't care if any of you fanboys thumb/bubble me down. That's the goddamn truth and I'm not going to sugar it up to give any of you some false hope.

And Iwata could clearly be doing a better job by actually ADVERTISING Wii u games/titles. You honestly think people/investors are suppose to be impressed with 4 million dollars of profit on software that could have easily made more had Nintendo advertised it?

No wonder Nintendo's been doing a half assed job with the Wii u. Their fanbase of drones just takes all the BS without demanding anything better.

Firan1808d ago

1. These are little Streetpass minigames
2. 3DS is healthier than ever

Tewi-Inaba1808d ago

Keep this platform healthy?

You realize 3DS in japan is Literally selling every console including Wii U out COMBINED right?
Literally combined sales
Heck last week it sold 10k more units than everything else combined including wii psp 360 vita ps3 wii u

RememberThe3571808d ago

Well excuse my ignorance. I don't play sales.

I'm just f*ckin with you. I was wrong and got called on it. 4 mil on 4 little ass games is pretty boss.

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Kevlar0091808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I wonder how much it cost Nintendo to make these games. Imagine if they spent $10k on each one, $40k Total

In one month they made 100 times what they put in, with little to no advertsiing. Just by having a message when you open the eShop saying "check out these games".

And I doubt it cost them $10k each. Nintendo made easy money