Three Things The Tomb Raider Sequel Can Improve Upon

OnlySP writes: The Tomb Raider reboot was released earlier this year and received high critical acclaim, though according to Square Enix it sold below expectations, with little over 3 million copies being distributed to consumers in the first few weeks after release. It seems, however, that the sales figures and the Metacritic average of 86% were enough to warrant a sequel, which was officially announced by Square Enix yesterday. The game was praised for its fresh interpretation of Lara Croft, portraying her as a much more vulnerable character at the beginning of the game, but soon revealing the tough-as-nails version we’re accustomed to. Even once her tough side was revealed, Square Enix made sure to leave a trace of the naivety and vulnerability shown at the start of the game. This was a huge step forward for the series, as it made for a much more believable, well rounded character than in previous versions. We now have to ask what exactly Square Enix can do with the sequel to imp...

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Need4Game1842d ago

Reflecting Square Enix decision to increase Lightning Breast Size, Lara Croft probably get her old breast size back.

Its Square Enix we're talking about, they'll do anything they can to meet their Sales Expectations.

rezzah1842d ago

True, and that's pathetic.

Also we need DINOSAURS, and perhaps some demonic entity that can be killed with bullets (or some magical staff).

Dlacy13g1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

things to improve:

1) ditch competative deathmatch MP

2) Create coop horde mode for those wanting shooty bits

3) create an A-sychronis parcourse that you can compete against other friends/leaderboards for traversing to get the best time while getting certain loot pick ups

4) Give better supporting characters (more interesting) to interact with and get a much more fleshed out enemy and personalities to go with it.

Thatguy-3101842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I think better voice acting, supportive characters and better writing. Gameplay wise the game nailed it. Just got to fix a few things in regards to narrative. Oh and if the power up system is still going to be presence the it should actually be utilize and have more depth

Tdmd1842d ago

You seriously didn't liked the voice acting? A loved it! Wouldn't mind if they kept Camilla Luddington as the official Lara's voice from now on!

Thatguy-3101842d ago

I liked lara's voice. The whole cast though not really. The problem was that they only focused on Lara where they didn't find a balance to make each character that's introduce shine and stand out. Let's say for example the cast of Uncharted. Though Drake is the man the supporting cast have certain characteristics that make them stand out and support one another.

ScytheX31842d ago

give her some more ass! =p

ThanatosDMC1842d ago

Make Lara actually act like she cares. Cinematics and story =/= gameplay. She complains about killing and whatever but next thing we see is Lara committing genocide.

British_Knight1842d ago

Hilarious comment, well said

NihonjinChick1842d ago

She had to kill to save herself and the people she cared about.

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The story is too old to be commented.