Wii Are With U – Specialists And Online Retailers Back Nintendo’s Home Console

Both Asda and Morrisons have both reported having no plans to stock the Wii U or its games in the near future, with Asda stull supporting the system online. While the population of the UK is only roughly the same as the population of California and Texas combined (imagine a grocery store ceasing to sell the Wii U in CA and TX, but continuing to sell Nintendo products, including the Wii U online, and you have an idea of how big a deal this is), rendering these events as not that big of a deal, other UK supermarkets are ready to drop Wii U unless Nintendo can drastically turn sales around.

On the flip side, Sainsbury’s has vowed to keep selling the console and other specialist retailers, including market leader GAME, have vocally backed the struggling console expecting them to be able to turn it all around.

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exfatal1808d ago

good to see not ever retailer has given up on the Wii U, lets hope they can turn it around with Pikmin, DKC Returns and Wind Waker

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Slowbrosef1808d ago

"Wii are with U" sounds like some semi creative marketing slogan

LXFilthyFate1808d ago

I honestly think the wii u has been dead for sometime, first of all Nintendo should have waited until they had better games than the ones they launched with. I purchased my wii u with the launch titles, and now it just sits there collecting all the dust in my house! I mean sure they have time to improve with updates and new and better titles! Actually NO, with the superior entertainment system Microsoft is bringing this waiting world known as the "One" Nintendo has NO chance of redeeming itself. It might as well only compete against Microsoft's INFERIOR rival Sony as the Wii U will never be able to compete against the the winner of this generation's console wars, the almighty Xbox One. I have to see all of you online fighting the best fight we will experience thought Microsoft XBox One Home ENTERTAINMENT terminal. The Wii U has a big opportunity to make a comeback with Smash bros but I believe it should have been released long time ago. It is simply too late. Especially since the highly anticipated Microsoft Xbox One Home Entertainment Terminal thankfully hitting stores only in a few months Wii U will just drift away and only remembered as a overly hyped console. I have high hopes for Smash Bros but unless there a millions and millions of fanboys one high profiled game will not cut it.
Also might I add the almighty Killer Instict is coming out and will bury all fighting games once it is released! As far as the Wii U being dead or not, if it isn't it surely will be soon, when the next gen consoles coming out! I don't know about Sony but FOR A FACT
Microsoft will deliver!


xHeavYx1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

You sound worse than a car salesman. By the way, Microsoft's " inferior rival" has sold more consoles than your " superior machine" and it looks like the more powerful PS4 will do the same this next gen
Edit; Oh, New account, never mind

ibroman1808d ago

Home entertainment terminal XD lol i cant say that with a straight face hahahah.

Cam9771808d ago

Oh dear, you're a fanboy. You do know KI is made by the abysmal Climax studio who admitted it was too iconic of a franchise for them to handle? Expect disappointment.
Climax are awful.

V0LT1808d ago

Well your house shouldn't have dust first of all...

mudmax1807d ago

How do you keep dust out of your house? I play my Wii U everyday and it still gets dusty. I can understand if your house is brand new you probably don't have much dust. My house is 15 years old.

V0LT1807d ago

Lol... it was a joke :)

QuanManChu1808d ago

Breaking news....after Supermarkets in the UK dropped the Wii barber refused to deliver the mail.

bumnut1808d ago

This is a big deal, not sure how it works in other countries, but this is like Walmart stopping selling wii u in america.

Supermarkets sell a lot of consoles/games in the UK, I would go as far as saying a huge amount.

mudmax1807d ago

Read the article man. No one has stopped selling it. They had a price drop in store and sold out the basic model and haven't restock the basic model "in stores". There still selling it online.

bumnut1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

No, they don't stock any Wii U consoles or games at Asda, online only. Its still a big deal, Think of how many Wii games got sold by kids pestering parents when they see them in the supermarket.

My original comment was not clear, sorry.

N4g_null1807d ago

It is like Walmart but it isn't. This store doesn't seem to sell electronics well from what I've heard.

mudmax1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Sorry but they didn't drop Wii U . Please read the article.