The Next Generation: Taking the Game out of Gaming

With the release of the new next-gen consoles, a lot of people are fearing for the future of gaming. But why are people worried about the way new games are shaping up? It’s simpler than you think. More and more games are taking the “on rails” route. Games are requiring less and less user input all the time.

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Fireseed1878d ago

Game is not a measurable quantity. A game is designed to give a player a specific feeling from a set of mechanics. Simply because those mechanics may seem simple when compared to others does not dismiss their significance. Take for instance Journey, the only buttons you really need to care about are the movement and jump commands... and yet the feeling of the world. The sensation of the experience is their by combining the mechanics and presentation into a sum greater than it's parts. Another good example of this is in fact a on-rail shooter, House of the Dead. Anyone who plays the games can tell you that it utilizes a very simple set of rules... and yet the experience is SO much more than that. Feeling the tension and the monster got closer and you needed to reload. Or as the boss brought you down to one lantern as it made it's final approach. Sure you can boil a game down to it's bare essentials, but if you do so you miss the entire point of what games are, and what games are capable of.

kingdip901878d ago

Yeah I get the feeling this article is taking aim at how much call of duty makes and how other game devs might adopt a similar formula in an effort to make as much money there by ruining gaming for people who hate it. I can see how this fear would drive someome to try and cause outrage to prevent it but I think that fear is mostly baseless.

N4g_null1877d ago

Nope its clearly aimed at movie gaming. Games that become thrill rides rather than replayable games. Story and graphics have become the priority while game play has actually gotten worst. The trade in scenario pretty much proves that point.

if it keeps going like this these movie games will just become much more like real box office sales and rentals. They will replayablity

1878d ago
kingdip901878d ago

This was exactly my problem with ffxiii, "on the rails" is a fantastic way to describe the resteictive way some games are being made these days.

You would think with the success of bathesda open world games and sandbox games like gta other developers who used to make expansive worlds (I'm looking at you square) would realize that's what gamers want to spend money on and play.

I am going to have to say that there are quite a few games that have open worlds this gen and I'm unsure that this article is accurate in suggesting that this will be less so next gen. Lets hope the article is wrong and opem world or sandbox games with a ton of space to explore is the norm next gen. Otherwise we will see more devs going the way of square and loosing to much money

dcj05241878d ago

FFXIII is open world after the first 25 hours. Just saying.

kingdip901877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

That's almost true. It opens up wide after a while and closes up again. The wide open part is rarher brief in terms of the story with lots of back and forth missions to make It feel huge

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memots1878d ago

Assassin creed 3 comes to mind. go here , Kill X person , Go here. Follow this ...

They hold your hand through the whole f****** thing.
See enemy through wall and radar telling you exactly where is everyone. I don't like the way this is going.