MNR 486: Marc Whitten updates us on the progress of Xbox One

Major Nelson interviews Marc Whitten on this weeks podcast.

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Stryfeno21843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I'm so excited to finally enter next gen...Xbox one Day One

Sadist31843d ago

Ps4 and Xbox One on day one for me, even though my PS4 will probably not be touched since all I'm going to do is play battlefield 4 and Ryse on my X1. Planetside on the PS should be hot, but that's about it. I'll prolly rock on that too if it somewhat holds a candle to Battlefield 4.

walkincarpet1843d ago

good stragey to go with Xbox on the multiplayer. they have the better controller and xbox live crushes psn, but the death blow in multiplayer may be the cloud if it truly improves lag. Obviously Sony will belt out some system sellers but why not wait 2~3 years and buy the system and the games for cheap while you are playing the hot games on X1?

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