Xbox One tweaks could cause RROD scenario all over again

Gadget Mill: Making changes like this in the late stages of the console development cycle could either help Microsoft create a better console in the long run or cause Microsoft problems later down the line due to problems with the actual build of the console.

If the changes work out well for Microsoft they would have a more capable system to offer than previously to developers and of course the gamers. These tweaks could help push the Xbox One to its limits – in particularly to help increase the console’s frame rate etc. However I feel that the slight tweaks even though will of course help – may not be worth the risk going by the Xbox One’s predecessor Xbox 360.

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DiRtY1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

These blog-journalists can't be serious...

*edit* LoL is this a website to trade in you gadgets and get cash for it? How the *beeeep* can this be on N4G?

xHeavYx1756d ago

A 53mhz increase to the GPU speed is not going to cause the disaster of the RROD, even a Sony fanboy like me can realize that

deadlydragon1211756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Really? So say the Xbox One was prone to overheating in the first place and then you go ahead and overclock something that is 800mhz by 53mhz your saying it won't overheat even a little more? 53mhz is a 6.625% increase. Which is quite significant.

Need4Game1756d ago

Xbox One has a big fan in it

darthv721756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

not only a big fan but the casing is riddled with vents for airflow.

also, i think it was rumored that MS wanted chips from AMD that they could reduce the performance on to save power. so technically the chips are capable of running better than stated.

If true then MS is just experimenting to find the sweet spot of power to performance ratio.

AngelicIceDiamond1756d ago

@Heavy at least you admit your a fanboy. Sadly, that's a bad reputation to have.

xHeavYx1756d ago

I'm a "fanboy" but I back up my comments with facts, not like some other people who comment things like "ur console sucks, mine is better just because I like it"

Spoons1756d ago


Dude, the xbox one is freken suped up hardcore to prevent over heating. It has a specifically big case to enable the flow of air and more vents than you can count on both hands. Not to mention a big vent to go inside it's big case.

SixZeroFour1755d ago

@deadlydragon - the xbone is huge for a reason...with xbones original plan of being always online, MS design the box with the thought of the xbone being on 24/7, thus made proper adjustments in both hardware and design to compensate for that...of course, even planning and design cant show what will actually happen, but atleast with the RRoD in mind, they atleast thought about that particular scenerio this time around

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deadlydragon1211756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Maybe because we own tons of consoles and love to write about our experiences and opinions. Also just so you know we own: around 4 PS3 Consoles, Xbox 360, 3 Dreamcasts, PS Vita, 3DS, Box load of DS Lites, GP32 and so much more. We actually love our games and have a passion for it. Hence why we are on N4G.

4logpc1756d ago

By assuming the Xbox one will overheat already gives you 0 creditability

Bigpappy1756d ago

Come off of it dude you are just trying to be spread propaganda against the X1. There is no basis for this write up other than your opinion and agenda. So who care how many console and TV's you may or may not have in your home. That is a very weak attempt at defending this base less junk.

dark-hollow1756d ago

is RROD even a major issue post-2007? the later models and especially the slim ones are way much more reliable than the crap launch SKUs

deadlydragon1211756d ago

Thats very true, but that is the point of the article. The tweaks they are making so late into the console development could cause them more harm than good - i.e the Xbox 360 RROD scenario.

headblackman1756d ago

the rrod can from heat and cheap solder and not enough ventilation. the heat wasn't so much the problem with the Xbox rrod as was the other two problems. the GPU would come undone because of the cheap solder. the heat was allowed to undo the solder because the lack of ventilation wasn't allowing the heat to escape, which in turn caused the rrod. the Xbox one has more then enough cooling and ventilation to function at its highest performance with no problems.

corvusmd1756d ago

Is there anyway to stop retarded Opinion posts like this? It's especially stupid considering that most experts are saying that for various reasons it's very would have taken a 2 second google search to squash this fanboy opinion.

deadlydragon1211756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

So your source is saying that it will have a low failure rate because Microsoft said so? Bravo!

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