What games should Nintendo bring to Wii U?

Which IPs can reverse Nintendo's fortunes? It's a bitter-sweet time for Nintendo at the moment with success and failure delivered in equal doses.

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darthv721879d ago

got an idea for a revival of duck hunt. one player uses the game pad to control the course of the ducks on the screen while the other player uses the wiizapper to try and shoot them out of the sky.

yeah its a straight up casual game but it would be fun switching off. Each player earns points for their part. the person shooting earns points on the ducks they hit.

the person launching the ducks (or clay pigeons) earns point on ones that successfully fly away or that the shooter misses.

Oh and that laughing dog will most certainly be back to snicker.

_QQ_1879d ago

that would be a cool easter egg mini game in smash bros or an eshop would need allot more than that to be a full retail game.

herbs1879d ago

darthv72 did you know you could control the ducks on Nes using the 2nd player controller ;)

AbortMission1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

As of now I am not even remotely interested in the 2014 Wii u games. Smash Bros lost its soul and looks pretty bland to me IMHO. It's just not the same like Melee or Brawl. And I'm tired of the same Mario rehash year after year. I disliked the first Bayonetta so I'm not excited for the sequel.

Bring out a new Star Fox, a new FPS Metroid and at least 1 new IP + a $150 discount and I'm buying a Wii u

TongkatAli1879d ago

Even Metal Gear, Gran Turismo and Capcom franchises. I'm liking new ips a lot more then the 6th something and milk is a bad choice.

Wonderful 101 looks incredible.

jakmckratos1879d ago

I don't get how people disagree with that? Smash has some fun additions but they took away a feature and haven't announced how they plan on releasing a new title for $10 more than the previous title and it's apparently going to have less to offer?!?!? ANd Mario on the 3DS was theme, weak power ups and just wholly unoriginal compared to Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy. Co-op could be fun but it has no soul..I want a story that is deeper than the shallow crap offered by recent mario games..Im not looking for Bioshock Infinite but Mario Galaxy was Pixar Quality..let's have that again.

Kirby, , Metroid, Star Fox, Donkey Kong 64 sequel, Pokemon SNap 2, a Pokemon adventure game would all be welcomed additions.

Kevlar0091879d ago

They have to bring a StarFox and a F-Zero to the WiiU. Their no-show on the Wii was unnacceptable. F-Zero is a difficult to play Racer with no limitations on Track Design, once Mario Kart 8 has had it's fun it would be nice to get a hardcre racer to play that is hyper-realistic. Getting a StarFox in the vein as the original would be a great service to the fans. The cockpit/third-person space shooter genre is devoid of life, a StarFox true to its roots has potential. Include SNES Gibberish mode for more awesomeness

herbs1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

My theory is that MarioKart 8 is Nintendos stepping stone to F-Zero U. Building a racing game engine they can improve upon with more detailed graphics at much higher speeds. I think they might be doing somthing similar with the Windwaker and the next Zelda. Who knows maybe Retro will make the next Metroid using an enhanced version of there DK Tropical Freeze game engine aswell. I would be happy with another sidescrolling Metroid with slick 3d graphics :)

exfatal1879d ago

Would love a new star fox or a 2d metroid

Gamer Muzz1879d ago

Starting next week, a new great game will come to the Wii U every month throughout the rest of the year.
Pikmin 3 releases this Sunday (and has already earned rave reviews),
Wonderful 101 follows in September,
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD in October,
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in November,
and Super Mario 3D World in December.
Scribblenauts Unmasked and Sonic: Lost World are also being released exclusively for Nintendo platforms this Fall too.

Lots of good content on the way. I think this Christmas season will be good for Nintendo.

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