Battlefield 4 to Offer Improved Performance on Windows 8

Windows 8 PC gamers who are looking forward to Battlefield 4 this October will be happy to hear that Battlefield 4 may offer better CPU performance on Windows 8. According to GamenGuide, Technical Director Johan Andersson at DICe recently said that the new Frostbite 3 engine will offer support for Direct X 11.1, and that systems using this version of Direct X will be able to offer better CPU performance than those that do not.

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HammadTheBeast1815d ago

Wow that's awesome.

Said no one ever.

papashango1815d ago

this article is a dublicate btw.

still don't care about windows 8

1815d ago
FragMnTagM1815d ago

All of my games run better on 8. In fact everything runs faster.

Windows 8 is a great OS. All the people that hate on it have yet to give me a legitimate reason as to why.

The tiles? Don't use them... desktop is still there.

The tiles can be customized and grouped exactly as you please, don't see what all the hate is for?

My guess would be that the biggest haters are the ones who have not used it and hate on it just because it is the "cool" thing to hate on Microsoft at the moment.

duplissi1815d ago

Yeah, just get a start menu replacement program (startisback or start8) and windows 8 becomes windows 7 supercharged with a coat of new paint.

It is just soo much faster.

HammadTheBeast1815d ago

It's the exact opposite for me, I had Windows 8 from work for a week, every app ran slower or with glitches, and the whole interface just looked like it was meant for phones or touch PC's.

TheDevKit1815d ago

Windows 8 proves technically capable, but its user interface leaves much to be desired, lacking the efficiency previous iterations of windows once had.

awi59511815d ago

Because cause they are trying their xbox live on PC bullshit again. I dont blame steam threatning to change operating sytems. I dont trust microsoft i bet they will try to lock out parts of online functions for pc as well i dont put it pass them.

FragMnTagM1815d ago

None of you gave any valid arguments as to why Windows 8 is sooooooooooooo bad.

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ABeastNamedTariq1815d ago

Didn't we know this already? Duplicate?

chasegarcia1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Windows 8.1 with the beta update is the best Windows ever but, they still have a lot to improve.

gamernova1815d ago

I love windows 8 and currently running the Beta 8.1 Don't really care too much about battlefield but it's nice to finally see the performance gains from windows 8 on games. Hopefully this trend continues.

drsfinest721815d ago

In other words it'll look better on Xbox one because of direct x exclusivity

dontbhatin1815d ago

....No, it will look better on the PC

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