MI6: Activision 'Thinking Global, Acting Local' for Marketing

Will Kassoy, SVP of Global Brand Management at Activision, talks at MI6 about the importance of marketing video games on a global basis.

As everyone knows, going global is important. Will Kassoy, Activision's senior vice president of Global Brand Management, claims that "it's no exception in the video game category." Our category had explosive growth last year, he told an audience at the MI6 Conference in San Francisco. 43 percent growth, he says. "1999 was the last time we had over 20 percent growth."

He shows a chart of top-selling games from the year 2000. In America, it was Madden. In the U.K., it was WWE. In France, Pokemon, in Germany Diablo. "One thing stands out for me when I look at this slide: there's a lot of differences," says Kassoy of the slide that depicts a wide variety of sales-based regional tastes in games.

"And now there isn't," says Kassoy, revealing a slide showing the 2007 top-sellers for the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany. There aren't four distinct titles. Call of Duty 4, in fact, is the best-selling title in all four major territories.

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