Battlefield 4 developer Q&A details water, vehicular combat

DICE has released a Battlefield 4 Q&A touching upon vehicular combat.

According to the firm, “all-new Chinese vehicles” in the game will include but won’t be “limited to” the following: Type 99 MBT, ZFB-05 Armored Car, Z-9 Haitun Transport Heli, Z-10W Attack Heli, and DV15 Interceptor Attack Boat.

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younglj011876d ago

My main concern is the rent-a-server feature.

Phene1876d ago

I hate n4g titles ..does any one know what "detail" means in the context it was used. These were more like highlights. Still psyched for the game, can't believe COD is still leading pre orders though, different strokes I guess.

ShabbaRanks1875d ago

Dam cant wait lol. I think BF3 is the mp game I played the most of all time. I know everyone says BFBC2 was the best, but I only played the very first BF1942 on PC and BF3 :P, but I loooooove it.