Capcom Proves That The #1 Next-Gen Buzzword is "MMO"

CCC: No matter which side of the platform fence they’re on, most gamers will agree that the coming generation of console gaming is shaping up to be the best yet. The unending stream of game teasers and announcements that we’ve seen since E3 2013’s conclusion will attest to that. We’ve also seen plenty of evidence that labels the era of the PS4 and Xbox One extremely… colorful, to say the least.

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Need4Game1753d ago

Capcom Online Games "Deep Down" maybe an MMO.

Shad0wRunner1753d ago

Good. They need a new IP. An MMO or something different from the same old crap, would be nice.

Would like to see them step away from the RE franchise for a few years. Then in maybe 5 years, hire a new team to reinvent and reboot RE and God willing...reinvent the survival horror genre.

Naww...who am I kiddin? They're gonna do RE7 prolly by next year, strip away more of the horror, make it less scary and more action packed with some pretty visuals and bog it down with more QTE they continue to take the general plot further and further away from it's roots.

Capcom, you're SO predictable. LOL

listenkids1753d ago

Deep Down will be a Skyrim-esque MMO, whether it'll be good remains to be seen. Gamescon/TGS will likely reveal gameplay and details, heh, who knows.

levian1753d ago

Not true at all. There are two main buzzwords. The one for next gen is "Open World", while the other exists now as well as in next gen, and that is "DYNAMIC!!". Every game has something described as dynamic, and games that use that word are generally fairly boring.

Open world on the other hand, bring it on.

Bigpappy1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Agreed. "MMO" is the #1 Buzzword is word for failure.

The #1 Next-Gen Buzzword is "Opened world". Every game that mention they are going in this direction is on most gamers hot list.

Destiny and The Division are not MMO. They are online coop games with Huge open worlds.

FanOfRootBeer1753d ago

"are not MMO. They are online coop games with huge open worlds."

We don't even have a microscope powerful enough to properly examine how small a hair your splitting.

Bigpappy1753d ago

My point is, these game are not what you expect when you are looking for a typical MMO. They don't even have a subscription fee and the storylines are more in line with "opened world" RPG's. With Destiny, for example, you can play through the entire game alone.

bjmartynhak1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I would put something else ahead:

1. "gaming experience"
2. "open world"
3. insert here something about social crap, including "MMO"

Hell, how many times they said "gaming experience" on both consoles reveals and at E3?

dcj05241753d ago

Watch_Dogs, Metal Gear Solid V, Battlefield 4 and Destiny are boring gotcha.


spartanlemur1753d ago

Which is very unfortunate for someone as MMOphobic as myself. Guess I'll have to tough out the next generation until heavy AI advances once again raise single-player experiences above multiplayer by far.

dcj05241753d ago

We have animation engines, game engines, physics engine, light engines but no AI engine.