Gamespot- EverQuest Next Preview

GS:Will EverQuest Next be the game changer it aims to be? Kevin VanOrd digs into the details.

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Kanzes1880d ago

I never played the predecessor, but from what I've read, I'm really looking this game to come to PS4

golsilva1880d ago

its pretty much confirmed to be on ps4. I remember seeing job posting by soe that listed pc along with ps3 for platform experience. That was 2 years ago, so obviously they moved on to put the game on ps4 instead of ps3 like planteside2.

ABizzel11880d ago

More than likely it will, and yeah they're really good MMO's.

Wni01880d ago

Wow, great article. Some of that stuff sounds game changing.

Volitiel1880d ago

The article makes no mention that this is coming to the PS4, which is disappointing. I have a high-end PC, but I would prefer playing this on a PS3/PS4. It really surprises me SOE hasn't delivered an EverQuest on the PS3 already. I see comments indicating it probably will come to the PS4, but its discouraging that its not being officially announced then. I personally think it should be exclusive to the PS4 and not on PC, as Sony is really missing a golden opportunity of having an exclusive system seller.